NEET Question Papers Help Boost Score

How can NEET Previous Year Question Papers Help to Boost Score?

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NEET Question Papers Help Boost Score

If Opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. This line seems so true when it comes to NEET scoring and ranking. Some students are trying hard not to leave any stone unturned, while others are busy uncovering the shortcuts to ace the NEET exam.

Exam preparation is a daunting task to most aspirants. Besides that, they fantasize about the perfect question paper for which they can only guess or know the appropriate answers. Unfortunately, it has never happened in the history of competitive examinations and definitely never will.

On the other hand, toppers are pretty cool, they know everything can only be achieved with the aid of hard work and dedication. So, they put every inch of effort to bring the results.

Yet, they fail to predict the paper and satisfy themselves with an average score. In between this storyline of a topper and dropper, deep down, every aspirant wishes to know: if there is any magic tool that can boost their scores?

Well, not exactly the tool, but an alternative seems to work that has been found to excel the preparations in limited time and boost scores- Previous Year Question Papers.

As stated by former year NEET toppers, subject experts, and NEET coaching institutes; attempting previous year question papers is one of the most pivotal components for securing the best marks possible.

Here, in this article, we will discuss some pioneering reasons which justify the importance of solving previous year question papers to boost scores:

1. Familiarizing the Paper Pattern

When it comes to the title sequence of the NEET examination, there is no better choice than solving preceding year question papers. Candidates get accustomed to the difficulty level of the paper.

Additionally, solving more question papers helps students to get to know the section they are confident about, and which section can kick a good start. For example, it is advised to solve physics at the last, because the toughness of physics increases every year.

Candidates must start with the subject they are comfortable with, such that they keep their confidence slaying at the end of the day.

2. Recognizing Mistakes

Admitting your own mistakes and correcting them without the intention of repeating, is nothing but learning from your mistakes by recognizing them.

While preparing for NEET, tons of mistakes you might have made.

But, even a single mistake will not be tolerated at the time of the actual NEET exam, or else it will directly affect your rankings. Most of the students panic before the exam, and hence make silly mistakes in oral calculations, formulae, and chemical reactions, etc.

Mistakes are made because of a lack of practice or self-confidence. Solving previous year question papers will help to overcome this problem.

3. Time Management Techniques

NEET serves a challenge of 180 questions in 180 minutes, which means aspirants have a maximum of 1 minute per question. By attempting more previous year question papers and mock tests, you will get various ideas and methods to save your time.

Gradually, you will learn time management techniques on your own, and that’s the reason every online & offline NEET coaching centre offers sample papers, mock tests, and previous year question papers.

4. Speed and Accuracy

Speed and accuracy are the two elements that are only achieved after working hard for a sufficient amount of time. Only regular practise and grasping over subjects can increase your precision.

Especially, for subjects like physics, your mind must be ready for oral calculations. Physics demands logical thinking and analytical skills thus applying them at the right time to get the correct answer can be achieved through speed and accuracy.

5. Drifting the Exam Fear:

 Attempting mock tests, sample papers, and previous year question papers build confidence to tackle almost every question asked thereby keeping the exam fear at bay.

Every NEET coaching institute offers more and more test series on a single concept for this reason only. The aspirant must eliminate the fear factor by solving multiple tricky problems.

Each paper of NEET covers almost the whole syllabus, after solving more previous year question papers you will find the topics carrying more weightage or important concepts and frequently asked questions.

In short, previous year question papers and mock tests are the best revision tool you can utilise. Solving ticklish numerical problems is far more interesting than reading the boring theory again and again.

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