How Can Virtual Improv Games Boost Your Team Bonding Exercises

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The COVID situation has redefined the way of working globally. The ‘New Normal’ has shown that higher productivity can be achieved from home as well if there is proper coordination amongst the team members. And that’s why virtual improv games have acquired the center stage in this remote working structure.

Virtual Games & Remote Working – How Are They Intertwined?

The pandemic that brought a new work order overnight also put challenges in front of every professional around. When employees are under the same roof, it is easy to form a connection. But the new wave of remote working demands an individual to act as a team and work cohesively.

Nowadays, the managers have to be more responsible for building and upholding the team spirit to ensure the workflow remains uninterrupted. However, the occasional video chats might not just be enough, especially if you have a new member on the team. The team lead must go the extra mile to break the ice.

Now, you have two choices – either you can run an in-depth analysis of each member’s behavioral pattern, try different techniques, and keep on experimenting. Or you can simply try the virtual improv games.

How Can Improv Games Boost Your Team Bonding Exercises?

Well, these virtual or improv games are nothing like conventional video games. They are a strategic way to entertain a group of friends and colleagues by connecting virtually. Several online planners have designed different games that are easy, fun, and of course, PG-13. If you are wondering how better they are than the regular video calls, you must get familiar with the games.

For instance, a few of them have launched Zoom based improv games that will have a host who will conduct it. The host will choose 2-4 participants who will be the ‘experts,’ and the rest will be the audience. These ‘experts’ will be given particular topics, and they will act as the masters of those topics. This means they can say anything they wish to on those subjects, and the audience will regard those opinions as correct.

The host can take questions from the audience and throw them to the ‘experts.’ So now you can clearly understand how engaging these gaming sessions could be than just a virtual meet.

One session can go on for an hour or so. However, that might depend on the game type, the number of participants, etc.

How and Where to Play These Games?

You can play them by registering on one of these gaming platforms. Simply enter your name, email address, contact number, mention the kind of experience you wish to have, type the event’s date, and other necessary info. If you have a promo code, don’t forget to share that to get some discounts.

If you miss out on the face-to-face interactions or deal with team relationship issues, virtual improve games are the best way to put all those difficulties behind. And apart from corporate events, you can play these games at your personal parties too. Cheers!

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