Design Home Just For You

How Can You Design a Home Just For You

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Design Home Just For You

As they say, the home is where the heart is! Whether you are looking to make some design changes to modernise your home, are moving into your first home or are even looking to start a complete build project from scratch, make the space your own. Once you get back from a busy day out and about, your home should be a cosy and welcoming place that you feel able to fully relax in, letting you unwind and clear your head. Alternatively, achieve a transformation on a budget by getting creative and undergoing some basic DIY, using our top tips to turn your house into a home.

Establish the room’s focal point

Stand at the entrance to a room and ask yourself what the first thing you notice is. To maintain a sleek and stylish décor within your home, try to keep statement pieces to a minimum to avoid overcrowding, picking out your favourites so all eyes can focus on them. Once you’ve picked out the focal point, choose the rest of the colour scheme and furnishings based around this, deciding on the best colour scheme to work around. Once this is done, you can start to add the homely finishing touches to show off your personality and display your favourite pieces such as photos, decorative pieces and items from your travels.

The best things come in threes

An ongoing interior design secret is the rule of three, working for all aesthetics so you don’t lose your personal style in the renovation process! Whether you are looking to add photo frames to an empty looking wall, fill up a plain furniture top with decorative pieces or dress your fireplace, group your decorative items in groups of three for the best results. By creating a visually appealing finish that balances out the space, this is a go to trick for professionals within the industry and can really pull a room together. For the best finish, vary the three different items, bringing together different heights, shapes and textures to create an effortless appearance. If you’re stuck for ideas on what to display, we love photo frames, vases, potted plants and candles.

Brighten up the space with greenery

Especially for those on a budget, never underestimate the power of plants and flowers. Adding an easy pop of colour to spaces which may appear drab and incomplete, a simple potted plant or vase of flowers can be the finishing touch you needed, making a huge difference to the feel of the room. As well as looking great, having plants in your home is great for your mental wellbeing, purifying the air and providing mood boosting effects. If you spend a lot of time away from home or have a bad track record with keeping plants alive, look into low maintenance plants which only require minimal care so you can enjoy the full look for longer, keeping your furniture tops and shelves looking bright and colourful.

If you’re looking into the best ways to maximise the space available to you or are planning on undergoing structural changes, contact reputable architects in London who can help you achieve the best results.

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