Transform your Traditional House Interior to a Modern one Using these Simple Hacks

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It is great to own a traditional house, but modernizing it with the latest trends is an even better idea. Transforming a traditional old house into a modern one is a long-term, difficult and complex process. You can change your traditional space into a modern one, without a complete renovation. Even the simple upgrading or rearrangement of your traditional furniture or a few smart additions to the overall design will be enough to make your home look new. You can just add a set of pillows or a fresh coat of paint, to simply give a modern touch to your home. If you want to add some modern touches to your traditional home interior, try taking each room into consideration and come up with a creative plan that will help in the renovation process. The important element to look into is a thoughtful design that meets the needs of the homeowners. Forgiving a professional touch to the entire renovation process, it is good to approach experienced interior designers. The interior designers in Koramangala, Bangalore has done great work by transforming various traditional houses into modern ones.

It is important to do some updates in your old house after decades of use. Always remember to keep the original architecture of your home, and to respect the originality of the space. If you don’t want a feel of another era in your home interior, try to come up with a balance between both traditional and modern home decoration. The old pieces mixed with new shows a lot of your personality, and your life story. Modern style is popular right now because of its simple style, and dynamic and interesting design. A traditional house will probably be a one-story structure with many rooms, but the contemporary style home has more open spaces, which can be designed using a wide range of styles. If you need a change in the style of your traditional home, there are countless ways. Have a look at some of the modern home decorating tricks, just try a few them.

Add Some Color

transform traditional house into modern

A simple coat of paint is your first step to give a modern look and to preserve and highlight the beautiful interior details of a traditional home interior. Updating your interior painting is the most overlooked and important home improvement project. You would be surprised at what a fresh coat of paint can do for your home. You can either choose a bold and dramatic look or soft understated hues depending on your personality. These hues will add instant elegance to your home and will go a long way without major renovations. One of the most important ways to modernize a traditional space is to change the color of the room and the items in the room, according to the current trends. Get rid of the dark tones and select bold or even white for a clean aesthetic. Some people are also experimenting with soft colors on the walls and a bold color on the ceiling. A bright backdrop for your furnishings will increase the space and provide a modern feeling. Try to choose a vibrant contemporary color that has a balance between traditional and modern.

The best recommendation while choosing a paint color is to look upon the facing of the windows and set up a combination of colors based on the areas which receive sunlight and which do not receive sunlight. You can choose cooler tones or warmer paint colors accordingly. The correct choice of colors will make your home a perfect place for every season. Trendy colors can co-exist beautifully with the traditional ones. It seems obvious but a clean coat of paint can make a fabulous home interior.

Add Modern Lighting Fixtures


Good lighting is one of the most important elements in the designing of any house. Proper lighting can truly bring a room to life. Adding the newest lighting fixtures in your traditional home is a great way to transform your old haven into a new one. Modern lighting plays an important role in interior designing, as it enhances everything in a room starting from furniture, accessories to the finishes. It also helps in creating a warm, functional and inviting atmosphere for you. By installing the right kind of lighting, you can easily transform each and every corner of your home into a totally new area. A low lit room looks dark and small, while a brightly well-lit room appears both open and welcoming. There are numerous ways to brighten up your home with lights. Be sure to have a variety of light sources, including table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, and other lightings throughout the home to increase the elegant feeling.

Choosing the perfect lighting fixtures, and making a decision regarding the lighting is not that easy. For having a greatly lit home interior, you have to organize and buy things for each room. The designer light fixtures will add more elegance to your home than a standard chandelier. Place some floor lamps in dark spaces and let your room brighten up; add some lampshades to get better light quality. You can also place a few mirrors, as it bounces light around the room. . You can also replace all the outdated ceiling fixtures with modern items. You can either keep the lighting design simple or sophisticated, try to modernize the entire home with plenty of bright lights. If your traditional light fixtures are much old and boring, change them out for more modern lighting, or paint them to get a modern look. Try adding various trendy lighting fixtures and feel the change.

Accessorize with Care


Most of the traditional homes lack the necessary accessories that could bring an elegant touch to space. If you want to transform your traditional home interior into a modern one, the first thing to keep in mind is to decorate it with a sufficient amount of modern decor. A modern interior must be warm, inviting and stylish with beautiful accessories. But achieving a modern home decor isn’t simple at all. Not only should your rooms be simple with minimal artwork and accessories, but it should also be functional. Technology is a modern decor that must be added to your home. Electronics like televisions and computers are recommended technological accessories. It is amazing to see a simple accessory creating an alarming effect on the room. Explore your decor options, and create a visual interest in your space. Always remember to buy those accessories that you absolutely love.

You can come up with the accessories made of metal, stone, glass, fabrics, to decorate your room in a contemporary style. We can add rugs, lighting fixtures, pillows, art, and other accessories wisely. Adding plants inside and outside the house can add to the bounty of your house can enhance the entire home environment, as they signify life. Curtains can be used to bare windows to give a unique look, and the chandeliers could add to the beauty of your room. All these decors will add elegance to your home interior and also will make up a stunning image in the visitor’s eyes. You are free to mix colors, and textures by choosing a variety of items pieces in different styles. If you carefully choose and decorate with the accessories, you can easily avoid the common mistakes in decor. When it comes to room accessories, less is more, so choosing a single unique piece may work better in your modern house.

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