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How Does A Keyless Lock Work?

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Keyless Lock WorkThe lock on your door adds to the overall security of your home and family. A good lock will ensure that your home is protected against intruders. The safety and security of your family members and your home will depend on the type of lock that you install in your home. The traditional door lock consists of a cylinder and tumbler system. When the key is inserted and turned, the cylinders get aligned, and the door opens. But with technological advancement, the door lock system to have become modernized. Nowadays, you have electronic locks, which allow keyless entry. Hire services from a reliable locksmith in Edmond OK for the best results.

Similarly, you also have locks that have a number pad, which will open only when you type in the correct series of numbers. Thus, with the modernization of the security systems, you can now opt for a keyless lock. But there are certain features and types of keyless locks that are available in the market. Some of the features of keyless locks and how these work are discussed below.

  1. The working of an electronic lock

The electronic locking system is one the latest advancement in the field of home security. An automatic or automated locking system is dependent on the electric current flowing through the lock. In other words, to activate the lock, a small electrical current will flow through it. This can be done by typing in the correct key code. Sometimes, there is a computer chip installed in the lock. The key provided with the lock will have the key code, which will get activated when you switch on the key. This is similar to the locking system found in cars. For a keyless lock that comes with a keypad, you will have to type the correct key code to open the door.

When you type in the correct key system, the circuit will be completed, and the current will flow through the lock, unlocking the door. Unless you enter the correct key code, the door will not open. Thus, all keyless locks are electronic devices, which get activated with the help of electric current. The only problem with these locks is that these will not get activated if there is a power failure. If you have installed such a lock in your home and there is a power failure while you are outside, then you will have to wait is the power supply is restored for the lock to be activated. Ensure the best results with the help of a reliable locksmith in Edmond OK.

  1. A unique feature of a keypad locking system

If you use a door lock that has the keypad locking system, then you can be assured that the door will not open unless the correct key code is typed in. Additionally, you can regularly change the key code. When you change the key code, the system will get automatically updated. After that, the door will open only when you type in the latest key code. The door’s locking system will reject the older versions of the key codes. The circuit within the lock will be completed only with the latest key code. This ensures enhanced security for your home and your family. It would help if you also kept in mind not to disclose the key code to anyone other than your family members. For such systems the key codes are actually the keys to such locks. Hence, only a limited number of people should have access to the keys to your house. Without the correct key code, the lock acts as a bolt, and it is nearly impossible to open the door.

  1. Other methods of keyless entry

Homeowners often want to ensure that their homes are secure, but at the same time, do not want to install a complex locking system. If you want the same thing from the locks of the main doors to your home, then you could consider installing locks that use scan cards or fingerprints. If you want to scan cards, then these cards will act as keys. Only those individuals to whom you give the scan cards will have access to your home. To ensure the security of your home, you should only have a limited number of scan cards. If you opt for fingerprint entrance, then ensure that the fingerprints of your family members are fed into the system associated with the lock. The locks on the doors of your home will open when the correct print is provided. Otherwise, the door will continue to remain locked. You must feed multiple prints into the system because then these will act as ‘duplicate keys’ and allow your family members to enter your home even when you are not in town.

Thus, keyless locks are unique electronic devices that are used to enhance the safety and security of the homes that these are installed in and keep all your family members safe.

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