How A Gastric Balloon Can Help You Lose Weight?

Gastric Balloon Help Lose Weight

Experts recommend cutting down on the total food intake and exercising to lose weight.  Sometimes, these procedures are not effective enough to bring lasting solutions to an individual who desires to lose a significant amount of weight within a specific period of time. Lots of medical conditions can affect weight loss and make it more difficult for a person to lose weight. This is where gastric balloons come into play.

What Is A Gastric Balloon?

A gastric balloon is a balloon inserted through the mouth all the way to the stomach to provide the stomach with a feeling of fullness by inhibiting the intake of large amounts of food. On reaching the stomach, the balloon becomes inflated to varying amounts of saline solution for at most six months.

This balloon, now inflated, takes a significant amount of space in the stomach, therefore, reducing the volume of the stomach by a significant amount. This in turn reduces the total amount of food consumable by the recipient of the balloon. This is very effective in the sense that, the lesser the food intake, the lesser the weight.

Why Use A Gastric Balloon ?

Gastric balloons have proven to have an edge over other weight loss procedures in so many ways. Some of which are:

It is effective for weight loss

When this balloon is placed and inflated with varying amounts of saline solution, a sensation of fullness is produced in the stomach which makes the recipient of the balloon feel like the stomach is full. The amount of food the candidate ends up taking is drastically reduced and this then leads to a reduction in weight, especially when coupled with other fitness programs. Gastric balloons are very effective weight loss initiators as up to 15% of the weight is lost through them according to studies. When it is coupled with other weight loss procedures, weight loss continues even when the gastric balloon is removed.

It is less expensive

When compared to other weight loss procedures like bariatric surgeries, gastric balloons are relatively cheaper since they do not involve so many complications and hectic processes. The process of gastric balloons placement is very simple and takes a shorter time after which the candidate can go home immediately. This process doesn’t require any doctor follow-up or post-medication and special diet. All of this in turn makes gastric balloons significantly cheaper and more efficient.

It is adjustable

Although Spatz3 is the only adjustable gastric balloon in the world, achieving optimal weight loss while changing your attitude towards food has now been made possible and easy. With gastric balloons losing effect in the 4th month, UP Adjust helps in increasing the volume of the Spatz3, therefore re-energizing the balloon effect, helping people achieve higher weight loss results.

On the other hand, Down Adjust lowers the volume of the gastric balloon which helps patients deal with balloon intolerance and also significantly reducing the chances of early balloon extraction. Other than being the only adjustable balloon in the world, Spatz3 is known to have the highest success rates and also incredibly good weight maintenance.

It does not involve any incision

When you compared to surgical procedures such as gastric bypass where an incision is performed, a gastric balloon does not require any form of incision. This makes it a good choice of procedure for weight loss. The gastric balloon is ideal for people who have tried out other weight loss procedures but haven’t gotten optimal results and do not fancy going through a surgical procedure. It can also be performed on people with BMI as low as 27.

It is temporary and can be removed

Gastric balloons can be removed at any time the recipient has trouble with normal body functions. Since gastric procedures require no form of incision, there are no permanent incision marks and literally no serious side effects except vomiting or the feeling of nausea which occurs in only 1% of candidates according to studies.

A gastric balloon is highly recommended if a patient’s BMI (Body Mass Index) is not high enough for bariatric surgery. During the six months of the placement of the gastric balloon in the stomach, the patient is expected to lose about 7 % to 15 % of body weight. Total excess weight loss can range between  30 % to 47 %.

Gastric balloons can help improve or resolve conditions related to obesity. It also lowers the risk of suffering from weight-related health problems like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and obstructive sleep apnea.

In summary, gastric balloon placement, while a very good weight loss procedure, is just the beginning of the journey to weight loss. The extent of weight loss solely depends on your lifestyle changes like a healthy diet, regular exercise with a gastric balloon, and frequent follow-ups.


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