15 Women Photos Who Looking Young and Beautiful After Weight Loss

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We love to share the women’s before and after weight loss photos which are very inspiring, motivational and encouraging. This is good to see when someone lose the weight because it is not easy to become fat to fit. The following girls archive their goals in months and even in years. They eat less move more in the gym, jogging tracks, and yoga classes. They performed different types of exercise daily for weight loss.

We found these women who have shared these photos on Reddit and Imgur, so we took from there. We hope you will get inspired by these incredible weight loss stories.

Photos before and after 100 lbs down. She did really hard exercise, gum and yoga.

Weight was 203lbs and lost -120= 83 lbs now. Her goal “My work fitness challenge kickstarted my weight loss 1 year ago.” Now she looks bosom and gorgeous.

Very inspiring! She was living 300lbs and now140lbs after the weight loss. It’s been six years of weight loss and strength training. Looking gorgeous and hot.

This beautiful girl had 240lbs > lost 128 = 112lbs now in 2.5 years. But she gained 25lbs last year again. Really motivation and inspiring to all fatty women and girls. Just a few more lbs to go.

She is a half the woman. Last year She made herself 100 lbs lighter.

Her weight was 203 lbs and she lost 133 = 70 lbs. She is a Mom of three children.

She had 255 lbs > lost 175 = now 80 lbs. Lost in the last year. 40 pounds lost in last 3 months after cutting out alcohol. Now really looks busty and beautiful.

She had 280lbs weight and after lost 120lbs = 160lbs. Learn to love yourself.

She was overweight and decided to make a change. Lost 50 lbs. She said “I am training for a half marathon and wore this to work today”!

She lost 103 lbs since January 2017. Now looking slim and young.

Before and after from June to Halloween this year. Over 65+ lbs lost. Looking hot and sexy now.

She looked like a baby doll. She did hard work and 4 years and 95 lbs apart – Anything is possible with the right mindset & if you put your heart into it.

One year later, she becomes 60 lbs lighter.

Another fatty women to slim example is here. She had 190lbs >130lbs =60lbs in 2 years. She Still have 20 lbs to go but lots of progress so far!

This couple that gets fit together stays together. She is a housewife and had 297 lbs > 227 lbs = 70 lbs now.

Please share your stories with images with us if you want we add it here, Thanks!

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