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How HEV Light Sunscreen Can Protect Skin From Blue Light Damage

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Blue Light Skincare SunscreenLove for gadgets is boundless but we forget that they do not love our skin back enough!!!

Yes, the gadgets are really convenient for us; but the benefits come with a price!

After spending the days outside under the sun or under the influence of harsh environmental aggressors, the craving for “Netflix and Chill” is really unnerving!

However, you must know that the skin gets a real beating from the gadgets that you love so much. The blue light from the gadgets makes it equally hard for the skin as much as it is on the eyes and your sleep cycle.

One thing is for sure- Those days where only the sun could have harmed our skin are GONE!! Being exposed to a far more number of gadgets all throughout the day has hampered skin health. What could work the best for the skin? What kind of sunscreen is best for HEV protection?

The good news is that we have a solution to this problem – Blue Light Skincare. Buckle up for a skincare routine your skin deserves!

Explore Blue Light Damages

The skin has so much to worry about. First the harmful UVA and UVB rays from the Sun. Now, even more, damaging blue light rays. The blue light rays, popularly known as HEV (High Energy Visible) rays are emitted from the sun and are scattered everywhere. So, no more hiding from these bad guys!

Besides having a natural source, the blue light rays are emitted by our electronic gadgets with screens too like Televisions, computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Together, they trigger skin damages from simple redness and irritation to photoaging including wrinkles, and fine lines. In worst-case scenarios, the skin can experience melasma and hyperpigmentation. The damage only intensifies as we spend more and more time on the screen.

The blue light enters the skin deeper than UV rays! Even though UV rays damage our skin, the damages caused by the blue light rays are a little different. The rays lead to the generation of oxidative stress on the skin cells. Further, this leads to damage of collagen which in turn, causes wrinkles, changes in pigment, and laxity on the skin.

Despite damaging the skin, the blue light also troubles the hormones indirectly. Watching the screen continuously and for a really long time, disrupts the sleep-wake cycle and in turn, lack of sleep causes fluctuations in the hormones which further disturbs the functioning of the body. Also, they can flare certain skin conditions and accelerate aging signs.

What Do Skincare Experts Have To Say About Blue Light?

One of the top cosmetologist dermatologists, Kenneth Mark (who practices in Colorado and New York), warns- Blue light can trigger increased signs of aging, like collagen breakdown, redness, swelling, inflammation, edema, hyperpigmentation, and oxidative stress!

Further Michele Farber, a Schweiger Dermatology Group dermatologist, says that “Blue light has been shown to generate reactive oxygen species, causing damage to collagen, inflammation and pigment changes”.

Loretta Ciraldo, a famous dermatologist from Miami exclaimed, “For many people, blue light causes more redness, swelling, and hyperpigmentation than UVA light from the sun”.

Experts say that blue lights do have certain benefits as they are used in treating skin conditions. But, here is a twist. Too much of anything is worse! Even exposing yourself to an hour of screen time can cause oxidative stress on the skin leading to aging. And, some other studies also result in the reduction of carotenoids (an antioxidant) in the skin. This further results in amplified free radicals on the skin- the main reason for the major skin damages.

More and more research is required to come to a firm and strong conclusion about the blue lights and their protection. So far, the broad spectrum is the ultimate choice of dermatologists, skincare experts, and cosmetologists from all over the world. Remember to read the ingredients of the product for a clear and thorough understanding of sunscreen and its effects on the skin.

Wear HEV Light Sunscreen To Protect Skin From Blue Light Damage

Good News! HEV Light Sunscreen – A beauty care for protected and well-nourished skin all throughout the year.

Yes, it may seem a little weird to apply Sunscreen while you are indoors, surfing at your computers, or scrolling through phones. But you need to protect your skin from the harmful blue light.

Even Sadeghian implies “There is evidence that tinted sunscreens tend to block more visible light than non-tinted sunscreen. Inactive ingredients in tinted sunscreens – such as iron oxide – and active ingredients – such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide – will block more visible light than chemical sunscreens”.

Of course, you can start with the decreasing use of gadgets or even make use of blue light filters on the screen. There are several free apps that readily and effectively do that for you! Or, you may go for screen protectors that aim to block the blue lights.

But, that is not under your control always! So, why not just apply a layer of the best of the HEV Sunscreen and carry on living your day? Try to protect yourself completely with a specially formulated sunscreen that repels and protects the skin from damaging blue light.

Remember, not all sunscreen protects the skin from these HEV rays. Look for the one that has broad-spectrum properties to help block the rays. And, also the sunscreens are made suitable for all skin types.

Uniqaya Tinted Broad Spectrum Sunscreen with SPF 50+++

Nowadays, dermatologists are focusing more on skin protection from blue light and thus the focus of the skincare industry has shifted to the same.

Aside from protecting the skin from the Sun, the sunscreens are fabricated to protect from the gadget rays too. Now, you must be wearing SPF not only when you are outside but also when you are inside scrolling through your Instagram.

One of such trusted brands is Uniqaya. They have a Tinted Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++.

Uniqaya addresses the problem and has fabricated- SPF 50 tinted sunscreen!

The waterproof formulation contains natural SPF ingredients that protect the skin from the UVA and UVB rays of the Sun. Further, it helps in protecting the skin from aging issues like early wrinkles, fine line appearance, sun spots, pigmentation, skin elasticity, rashes, sunburn, and dryness. The sunscreen provides moisturization besides these benefits, without leaving a thick and opaque white cast on the skin.

It is a multi-tasking sunscreen as it hydrates, protects, and even the skin tone simultaneously. The sunscreen features light coverage for an even skin tone. The antioxidants along with the nurturing property are suitable for all skin types and skin tones.

A Word From Uniqaya

Switching on the blue light filter on your mobile phones is not enough. You got to protect your skin from the harmful effects of blue light penetrating your skin and nothing better than a layer of shield. Start your day with Uniqaya Tinted Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. Do not underestimate the power of the everyday best sunscreen for your skin.

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