Sink Mixer: A Stylish & Practical Update for Your Kitchen

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Are you looking to update your kitchen without going for a full-fledged renovation? Give a quick and cost-effective update to your kitchen by installing the latest and stylish sink mixer taps. Here are some popular styles of kitchen sink mixer taps available in the market that you can consider.

1. Standard Sink Mixer

A standard sink mixer is convenient to use and effortless to keep clean. Besides, you can add a One-Touch aerator to the end of the mixer to facilitate the water spray reaches all parts of the double-bowl sink. Alternatively, you can buy a standard sink mixer with an extendable veggie spray.

2. Veggie Spray Mixers

Often installed in commercial kitchens, veggie spray mixers are frequently spotted in household kitchens nowadays. A standard veggie spray sink mixer or a gooseneck mixer with added extendable spraying ability would be perfect for household use.

3. Gooseneck Mixer

Gooseneck mixer is a trendy alternative and makes a style statement in the kitchen. It offers excellent functionality. The spray goes in the direction spout can turn, and it turns in a 360-degree radius. Add an extendable hose to get greater flexibility. Be mindful of how you position the lever. This type of mixer requires space for the lever to move forward and backward to dispense cold and hot water accordingly. This mixer is best suited for the side of a sink if a window or wall is behind it. Alternatively, you can install it on an island kitchen bench.

4. Angular Mixer

The angular mixer is a variant of the gooseneck mixer, but it gets the square shape due to its rigid or curved angle. Very much like the standard gooseneck shape, you need to fit an extendable spout so water spray can reach all areas of the sink. Pin lever can get intricate and too pointy for the hand. A thicker lever may be more convenient than the pin lever, but it also depends on personal choice.

5. Choose a Trusted Brand

Choose a trusted brand when purchasing kitchen mixer taps for household or commercial use. Trusted brands will offer a warranty and back their products, which means if anything goes wrong with the product, they will repair or replace it per the company’s terms. Trusted brands will offer warranty and back their products. It allows you to buy with peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong, the product will be repaired or replaced per the company’s terms. Depending on the brand, the mixer tap’s warranty period may range between 7 years and 15 years. It is safe to buy a standard, retractable, or pull out sink mixer for your kitchen from the choicest brands such as Dorf, Caroma, and Methven.

What Colour Will Suit Kitchen Mixer?

Stainless steel or chrome is the most common kitchen sink mixer colours Aussie households use. Besides, stainless steel is the preferred choice for alfresco kitchens. Of late, matte black sink mixers are in huge demand; however, they are not as readily available as chrome and stainless steel, so you may have to place an order for it with your plumbing supplier. Choose electroplated coating over powder coating when buying a matte black kitchen sink mixer, as they last longer. Other colour options available include white and brushed metals, particularly gold, brass, and gunmetal. You may want to give a different look to your kitchen interior by opting for a kitchen sink mixer from these distinctively coloured sink mixer taps. However, you need to take into consideration two things:

  • Cost – these are pricier options than standard chrome and stainless steel.
  • Maintenance – keeping them clean may not be as easy as chrome and stainless steel options.

Final Words

Well, you’ll often use your kitchen mixer tap during the day, so you’ll want to buy a mixer tap convenient to use, and one that does not weakens due to constant use.

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