How much RAM is Required for a Gaming PC?

RAM Required for Gaming PC

RAM is a necessary component in any gaming PC. Adding more RAM in your system can boost responsiveness and can highly improve its frame rates compared to those systems having less memory.

All the relevant data that your PC may need to access that the game you have been playing runs smoothly without causing any sort of disturbance is stored in RAM.

Modern PC games need to rapidly retrieve art assets. Games read and write data to RAM because it orders to magnitude faster and accesses data to the storage device.  

Go on reading to find out what is RAM and how much RAM you need for gaming in a gaming PC.

What is RAM?

RAMRequired for gaming PC 

RAM requirements are different for each game.


Having 4GB RAM is mostly found in regular office computers and desktops. It is not at all enough for gaming in any gaming PC.


Having 8GB RAM in your gaming PC will limit the options of games to play on your PC. Some Older and simpler games will work well. 8GB is currently the minimum for any gaming PC.


Having 16GB RAM is the optimal amount of RAM for gaming. 16GB RAM is known as the sweet spot for gaming PCs. 16GB RAM will be sufficient for all but the most demanding games.


Having 32GB RAM is becoming popular among some gamers, especially for those gamers who are looking to future-proof their build. Some manufacturers are already recommending 16GB, but you can still have 32 if you want to use your PC for other things such as playing music while you are gaming.


Having 64GB RAM is awesome. Nearly every gaming expert considers 64GB RAM to be overkill for gaming. Such massive amounts of RAM are mostly aimed at video editors.

128GB RAM 

With 128GB RAM, you can run multiple heavy-end games and some heavy software. You can only have this heavy amount of RAM in your PC if you want to run heavy games and software correspondingly.

Other Factors that affect gaming performance

RAM is not the only factor on which your PC can support the games you like to play. There are two more factors on which game performance lies: 


When it comes to judging your PC that it can play your favourite games, the top determinant is the Processor. The speed of the CPU will determine how rapidly the data can generate visible on-screen actions and responses.


A Discrete Graphic Card (GPU) has its own dedicated VRAM that supports many of the graphics tasks. A PC with a discrete GPU produces smoother game visuals with less RAM compared to those systems having integrated graphics.

RAM required for gaming and streaming 

For both gaming and streaming 16GB RAM is enough for you. This applies on both single and dedicated PCs. 16GB RAM is adequate to run more graphic-intensive PC games too, along with HD live streaming. Streaming games requires more power, and 32GB RAM should be more than enough.

Storage for gaming PC 

For a gaming PC you will need at least 1 terabyte or 1000 gigabytes. 500GB will end soon after installing some games. For a gaming PC, I will recommend you 1TB or 1000GB. If you are a beginner 500GB is enough for you.

Adding RAM increases FPS 

Adding more RAM increases your FPS (Frames Per Second).  On the other side if you have less amount of memory, adding more RAM will still increase your FPS.

RAM for 4K Gaming 

The size of your RAM necessary for your 4K is relatively small. To this point, you would require 8GB-16GB of multimedia to cope with 4K gaming. With your graphics card already able to provide you with enough VRAM, you are definitely not going to need to have more than 8GB-16GB of RAM.


Have I not, turned every stone to explain to you, in detail, how much RAM you need for a gaming PC (how much RAM is required for a gaming PC)? Secondly, I have defined to you how the processor and the graphics are the crucial factors in a game’s performance. In addition, I have listed the memory capacity of PCs for gaming and streaming purposes. Moreover, if you have a gaming PC your next step is to decide the amount of storage required for gaming. Apart from the response to why RAM boosts FPS, the below is also included in this article. I have also kept you informed that the RAM quantity needed for a 4K gaming is equally important.



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