How Often Should I Clean My Business Office?

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Your business is more than just the building in which you operate; it’s the people, the products, the services, and all the ways in which your company contributes to the industry and helps those around you. However, that doesn’t mean that your office space should be overlooked. Whether you like it or not, your property is often seen as a reflection of you. Potential customers and clients interact with your space before they even meet you, so it’s important that your business is able to make a good first impression.

One of the most important ways in which this can be obtained is through cleaning. A dusty and dirty property can signal to your customers that you don’t care about your workspace, so what’s to say you give any more attention and thought to your services? To eliminate any potential misrepresentation, cleaning your business on a regular basis is a crucial step. Many cleaning companies specialize in commercial cleaning, such as cool glass window cleaning, allowing your company to be scrubbed and polished to perfection. But how exactly how often should you be cleaning your business? Let’s take a look at what factors could inform this decision.

The Types of Cleaning

As with your home, some types of cleaning need to be performed more regularly than others. Tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, sanitizing, and cleaning washrooms should be done often, ranging from daily to once a week. However, not everything needs to be cleaned at such quick intervals. Having your windows professionally cleaned, for example, could be scheduled once every month, while your carpets and flooring should be deep cleaned once every six months.

The Type of Business

The type of business you own or manage will also determine how often it should be cleaned. Those with high foot traffic, such as retail stores or restaurants, will need to be cleaned daily. Not only is disinfecting and sanitizing incredibly important right now, but the mess that people can leave behind can be overwhelming. In the winter, for example, melted snow is tracked inside, resulting in muddy floors. If you don’t tackle this at the end of every day, customers will quickly begin to notice how grubby the inside of your business feels.

Smaller businesses, however, may only see their five employees coming and going throughout the day. The mess they leave behind will likely be considerably less, so you may only need to vacuum once a week. Particularly when it comes to smaller businesses, it’s up to you to determine where the line exists between clean and dirty.

The Size of the Business

Naturally, the larger the property, the longer it will take to clean. While some businesses can be thoroughly cleaned in a few hours, others need to be sectioned off and tackled one zone at a time. This may then require you to employ cleaners every day, as, by the time they clean the entire property, a week may have passed, and you need to start in zone one again.

Additionally, some parts of your property are expected to be used more, such as reception areas and break rooms. Areas that experience higher traffic may require more daily cleanings, as opposed to individual offices.

Ultimately, with the goal of maintaining a clean work environment in mind, it’s up to you to determine how often you should clean your business. While the above factors should certainly be taken into consideration, your judgement is what matters most. A clean workspace not only allows customers to feel comfortable and welcome, but it can also inspire and motivate your staff. Don’t let a grubby environment hold you back from success!

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