How Parents Can Become More Involved in Their Child’s Education

Parents Involve Children Education

Tutors have become a vital component in a growing child’s development. More and more parents see the value in availing home tuition services as a way to complement what their children learn in school, and thus maximize their potential.

Working with a private tutor or a tuition agency, however, should not be an excuse for parents to lessen their participation in their children’s education. In fact, for best results, parents should be highly-involved even in home tuition, and here are some ways on how parents can do just that:

1. Be highly involved in the selection process for your child’s potential tutor

First off, parents should be very much involved in the selection process of their child’s prospective tutor. If working with a private tutor, parents are definitely 100% in charge of picking the potential tutor for their child, but when working with a home tuition agency, there may be temptations to let the institution handle the selection process for you.

While it’s true that there may be internal tools that can help match your child with the right tutor, parents should still have a say whether they feel this assessment to be accurate. Reputable home tuition agencies would respect that and would definitely appreciate parents’ active participation in the selection process.

2. Have regular discussions with your child’s tutor

It is necessary to maintain active communication with your child’s tutor so that you are aware of the progress that your child is having. It will help you not only know areas where your child is doing great, but also areas where he or she needs your help. And as parents, you have the power (and the responsibility) to help your child address these challenge areas together with his or her tutor.

3. Work with your child in building his or her study area

One fun way that parents and children can work together is by working on his or her study area. Work with your child in choosing things needed for the study room such as tables, supplies, and perhaps even decorations. This would be a good exercise of your child’s planning abilities, and will also allow your child to have some sense of ownership of the study area, and can actually boost his desire to work hard while studying in this room.

4. Participate in parent-and-child activities

Tutors sometimes open up activities where parents are invited to participate. When this opportunity arises, make sure to take it. Parental involvement is fundamental in a child’s holistic development, and your child should grow up comfortable in being himself or herself in your presence.

Some of the usual parent-and-child activities may have parents as audience, while sometimes, parents may also actively participate as well. When the latter happens, make sure to do your best so your child will also feel the need to do his or her best all the time.

5. Communicate with your child

Finally, as much as it is necessary to communicate with your child’s tutor, it is also vital that you communicate with your child. Talk with your child from time to time, and talk about how his or her tuition experience is, what he or she learned, and where he or she may be facing some challenges.

In fostering an environment where your child can openly communicate with you, he or she will grow to be able to express himself or herself better. You will also have the opportunity to address challenges or issues as they arise.

Parental involvement in education is important, and your home tuition services should never be a reason for you to lessen its degree. Being there for your child will be a great help in rearing a child who will grow to be a well-rounded person.

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