Private Schools Making Money

How Private Schools are Making Money & Operating as Business

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Private Schools Making Money

There was a time when people only sent their children to government schools for study. At that time, there were also private schools, but very few people’s children liked to be studied at such schools. As people’s income increased and private schools started providing more facilities, they shifted their children from government schools to private schools.

Most people think private schools provide better facilities, education, and schooling. But they charge an extra fee. Whereas government schools have a simple education system, lower fees, and well-educated and trained teachers. However, there are many loopholes in government schools; that’s why people prefer private schools over government.

Private schools are taking advantage of the disadvantages of government schools. They know that middle-class and rich people will not send their children to government schools. There are 3,35,844 private and 10,22,386 government schools in India. But you will see more admissions in private schools.

Private school fees are higher than in government schools. They increase it every year, and there are no specific rules and regulations for private schools in India. Private schools keep increasing fees and transportation as per their wishes. Private schools either provide books and uniforms to the children themselves or arrange for them to be purchased from a specialized shop.

Profits over learning? The Rise of Private Schools as a Business in India

When did schools become profit centers? Let’s talk about the rise of commercialized education in India. Private schools are making money and establishing themselves as a fruitful business. So how do most private schools make money and make it the source of income in India?

1. Changed the syllabus every year

When we studied, the same syllabus was taught for a year. There were no changes in the syllabus or books. The same books can be used for years by many students. They did not have to bear the burden of buying new books.

But nowadays, the syllabus in private schools changes every year. The main reason behind this is that last year’s books could not be used by next year’s students.  If the syllabus is not changed every year, then who will buy new books? If new books are not sold, then how will these private schools make a profit?  Due to this strategy, every school changes the syllabus of every class every year.

2. Commission from Book Publishers

When the syllabus changes every year, the book publisher will also have to write, print, and make new books every year. So they ask school management that they will make books according to your school and syllabus. The book publisher gives commissions to the schools if they take their service for printing books.

3. Commission from booksellers

These schools also make profits by selling books. Books are given to the students in the school, and some schools recommend buying books from a specific shop. These schools buy books from the publisher at a lower rate and sell them to parents and students at a higher rate. They also take commissions from the book shopkeeper because only parents and student can buy their school books from a particular bookshop.

4. Uniform and Stationary Selling

Some schools give uniforms, bags, dairy, and stationery to the children themselves and earn money from that too. Also, private schools tell parents that they should buy all these things from a shop outside, which gives them a commission. Parents and students should have the freedom to buy uniforms, books, bags, and stationery from any shop.

5. Increase the admission and monthly fee

Private schools charge admission fees and monthly fees as soon as one year is completed. They start charging admission fees, registration charges, and many other types of charges at the beginning of the next year. They charge monthly fees every month as well. Private schools keep increasing admissions and monthly fees every year. They set a date to pay their monthly fee unless they charge a fine. Even many schools charge monthly fees for summer holidays when students are not going to school.

6. Transportation

Private schools have their own transport system, and some schools hire private transportation. In both of these types of transport, fees are higher than usual and also increase transportation fees every year. Even they take transportation fee for that day when holidays. 

7. School activities and functions

There are many types of school activities are performed every week or month in the school. Annual functions are also celebrated in every school. Private schools charge money for school activities, functions, and festival celebrations.

The government also does not say anything about the arbitrariness of private schools, nor does it impose any kind of restriction. The reason for increasing the status of private schools is that government schools do not have the same education, facilities, and discipline as private schools.

Why do these private schools write the syllabus every year? Why can’t books, uniforms, and stationery be bought from any outside shop? Why are the admission and monthly fees increasing every year? These private schools are taking advantage of the helplessness of the people and have made schooling a business, and making a lot of money.

Do you also think that private education makes money and becomes the source of income in India?

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