Suffering from Focal Partial Seizures

Suffering from Focal (Partial) Seizures for 9 Years, Still No Relief

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Suffering from Focal Partial Seizures

I am writing this article to raise awareness about focal seizures (also known as partial seizures) and epilepsy, and to help others find treatment options.

My father has been living with focal seizures for the past nine years. He experiences a seizure attack about once a month. He is currently 60 years old, weighs 80 kilograms, and is 5.7 inches tall.

When and How It Started?

My father struggled with alcoholism for approximately 20 years, consuming alcohol heavily on a daily basis. We tried a lot and forced him to stop drinking but he didn’t accept it.

When things go beyond the limit. First, he fainted due to low blood sugar. The doctor investigates his health condition and finds ‘Liver Cirrhosis’. After this, he stopped drinking for one month.

And after a month, suddenly he feels a non-stop jerk (seizure) on the right-hand side. He spent a month and a half in the hospital after experiencing a seizure first time. Doctors said ‘It is a partial and focal seizure’.

Since 2014, he has been suffering from this disease and taking medicine regularly.


Seizures strike him suddenly, without any warning. His face and neck turn to the left, and he falls to the ground, bed, or wherever he happens to be at the time. During this time, he loses consciousness and experiences jerking movements in his right arm, hand, and leg. He may also make involuntary sounds from his mouth.

More recently, his seizures have become shorter, typically lasting only around two minutes. Afterward, he recovers relatively quickly and returns to his normal state. 

Medicine was taken for partial and focal seizure

He has been taking the same medicine for 9 years. The doctors just increased the dosage and now they also said ‘No more dosage increase because he has Liver disease too’.

Currently, my father is taking the following medicines for focal seizures.

Levipil (Levetiracetam) 1000mg two times a day

Eptoin 100mg three times a day

Lacosam (Lacosamide) 100mg two times a day

Neurobion tablet once a day

He is only taking these medicines for seizures. But still, no relief, I don’t know why.

Care and cure

We are taking care of my father and always keep our eyes on him because who knows when the seizures will start occurring. However, he can walk, take a bath, and eat himself. He eats a proper diet but doesn’t get involved in physical activities and work. Also, he can’t talk properly and takes time to think and remember things.

Asking for advice!

If you are a neurologist or have suffered from the same or similar kinds of seizures. Please suggest a better treatment and guides. I don’t want these seizures to stay lifelong with my father! 

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