Staff Augmentation for Hiring

How Staff Augmentation Services Can Solve Your Hiring Problems

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Staff Augmentation for Hiring

Technology is changing rapidly these days and so do businesses. Today’s businesses are increasingly leveraging advanced technology to deliver the needs of modern customers. With technologies getting even more advanced, some businesses are struggling to fulfill today’s customer needs and make their business future-ready. These businesses often fail to offer their customers a customized & seamless user experience, which ultimately leads to poor customer satisfaction and loss of revenue. However, in order to innovate futuristic and unique technologies, you always need the help of highly skilled technology experts. But the bitter truth is that these specialists are highly difficult to find these days. It can become extremely difficult if you are in search of a technical team who can efficiently modernize your legacy systems to modern architectures. This is where the importance of IT Staff Augmentation comes into play. 

But what exactly is staff augmentation?

If implemented correctly, this delivery model assures you more benefits in terms of resource availability, turnaround time, ROI, and most importantly cost savings. To cut a long story short, staff augmentation is a battle-tested outsourcing strategy or simply just a practice of assembling teams outside your organization to work on your organizational or business requirements.

How does staff augmentation work?

 To illustrate this, let’s say if you want to migrate your legacy app into a modern cloud-based web app that supports the latest integrations and works on multiple devices, and you need ten developers for the project, while you only have two developers in your in-house development. Onboarding eight more expert developers will take you months or in the worst-case years,  delaying your project launch and burning your revenue.

By utilizing staffing augmentation services or reaching out to IT staff Augmentation services in USA, you can easily onboard 8 more developers to your team within a matter of days, helping you to launch your product faster and within your estimated budget. Below we will pen down some of the advantages that staff augmentation offers for your business and we will explain why staff augmentation is a good choice to manage your resource requirements.

1. Cost Advantage

Choosing staff augmentation services can significantly reduce the costs associated with recruitment. One of the key reasons that this outsourcing strategy can reduce hiring costs is because of the fact that you don’t have to spend on additional costs such as paid leaves, insurance workstation setups, taxes, vacations, and other costs that usually come up while hiring full-time employees into your in-house team.

Additionally, you will get the added advantage of eliminating recruitment costs that are associated with hiring developers. If we leave aside the costs associated with recruitment, you can also save a ton of money and time spent on training your developers. Most businesses nowadays lose much of their money by enrolling their resources into costly training programs. However, they cannot avoid this as training is extremely important to equip their workforce to keep updated with today’s technologies and trends. If you go with staff augmentation services, your vendor will take care of all the training that comes along with your project.

2. Eliminate hassles associated with managing developers

Managing a distributed team of developers can be a challenging process for most of businesses. With a fair share of employees working from home, you often need to have a thorough project management plan put in place. Vendors who provide staff augmentation services always deliver their clients with efficient project management support that enables them to ship their product within their scope and budget. They will also establish seamless communication channels between you and the resources you’ve hired.

3. More Flexibility

Project requirements can be dynamic in nature, and this puts a lot of businesses at risk while scaling up or scaling down their resources. You can evade this issue by making use of staff augmentation services. Since vendors who provide staff augmentation services have a large number of developers who are skilled in the technologies that you are on the lookout for, you can easily onboard a new resource into your in-house team from their resources pool.

4. Access to skilled developers

The difficulty to find resources that have specialized skills is one of the major setbacks faced by global businesses. For instance, most businesses in the US now need the help of developers who are skilled in writing RPG code for their IBM I modernization project.  This is because most of them still rely on mainframes that are decades older. Hence, the demand for skilled programmers who have experience in code modernization projects is exponentially on the rise. Here’s where staff augmentation comes to the rescue. Many vendors that deliver resources for Code & database/UI modernization projects have developers skilled in a variety of demanding technologies that range from RPG to COBOL.

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