How To Do A Pushup Accurately and Safely


Do you want to know the correct way to do a pushup? Say no more! Here’s a complete guide that will help you build amazing strength and do pushups with the right posture without damaging your shoulder or wrist joints.

You might hate pushups because of how hard they are. How they make your wrists hurt and the feeling of discomfort. You think you can do it but you give up before you even reach halfway. Why is that? You may not be doing it correctly. Maybe with the help of a trainer or guide, you can start with stretch exercises to increase the flexibility and strength of your wrists to improve over time. Isn’t that right?

We have all heard a lot of stories of how people have faced problems before they reach their goal. Always remember – nothing comes easy. The key is to be consistent and follow your plan strictly. With time, you’ll master the art of pushups and go ‘wow!’ at your ability to improvise every time you do a pushup while doing your daily workout.

What’s a correct pushup?

There are planks and then there are pushups. If you can do planks, you can do pushups too. Don’t let your mind trick you otherwise. The accurate way to do a pushup is by placing your hands on a shoulder-width and keeping some distance between your legs. You can also bend your legs and be on your knees if you want. When you bend your elbows with your face towards the ground and lower yourself, your elbows shouldn’t be stretched too far. They should be at least at a 45-degree angle. Spread out your fingers and keep your hands at a distance from each other so that you are comfortable. You can try any other angle for your hands too if you are experienced and have incredible strength. The accurate way is to let your middle finger be towards 12 o’clock.

If you are a freshie, the wrist pain may be unbearable. What you can do is take mini-breaks, a lot of rest between every set of pushups so you can get time to breathe and stretch yourself to get back into action. Always remember that there’s nothing you can’t do, you just have to put more efforts to get the desired output. If you want to lessen the wrist pain and don’t have good wrist flexibility, you can use pushup handles or a bar to do pushups that are easier for you. Once you get the hang of it, you can do it without handles or a bar as well.

If you’re dedicated, too experienced, a hardcore, you can do pushups on your knuckles as well. Just know that this can be a bit sensitive, do it on a surface that is moderately soft. As discussed above your feet being shoulder-width apart, you can also do pushups when your feet aren’t at a distance and are touching. But, to give you the best advice, the accurate way is the shoulder-width so that you can be in a more stable position and do your pushups effortlessly (oh no, it does take effort every time).

If you have difficulty in getting your body into proper form for a pushup, think of something brutal – as if you are preparing yourself to get punched in the abs. Do you know what will happen next? You will get a good grip on your butt and tighten up your abs automatically. This way, your core won’t just be deeply engaged but your body will also be in a straight line. Focus! If you have never done pushups this way, it’s high time you amend your mistake and do it the right way.

Get set. Ready. Pushup!

  • For the perfect pushup, don’t look down. Look right in front.
  • When you lower your body, make sure your chin touches the ground and not your nose. This will ensure that your body is in a straight line as it should be.
  • Keep your elbows close to the body.
  • Once the chin touches the floor, give your pushup a pause and then move up to get into the same position.
  • Do as many pushups as you can until you get out of your form so you can know how many pushups you can do in how much time. If you can do much, it’s alright, concentrate on the form more!
  • You can also use a pushup machine. These machines make your exercise a whole lot easier! They protect your joints, enhance the growth from shoulders to back abs. They build strength, resistance, and engage your joints safely.

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