Bathroom Renovation and Maintenance

How to Ace your Bathroom Renovation and Maintenance?

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Bathroom Renovation and Maintenance

It’s no surprise that bathrooms are at the top of many people’s remodelling wish lists these days. After the kitchen, bathroom renovations are the most expensive home improvement scheme. Unfortunately, often inexperienced renovators encounter the same problems as they begin their project, which may result in complications, additional costs, and a frustrating outcome. Even after renovation, it is important to preserve the bathroom as best as possible in order to prevent another renovation in a few years. Although freshening up your bathroom isn’t as difficult or expensive as you would think, maintaining it properly can be if you’re not careful. So, here are few tips to help you succeed in your bathroom redesign and remodelling.

1. Plan ahead

When it comes to bathroom renovations, everything is thrilling and enjoyable. Instead of making drastic adjustments, take a step back and consider what you really want. Make a list of items that can be kept and reused in your new bathroom. Then make a list of things you want to do, such as a fresh coat of paint, new bathroom tiles, or new fixtures. Make no needless changes to the existing layout, and check that the structure is sound.  Choose the look you want to create in this upgrade. Do you want it to have a modern or retro vibe to it? Do you want to go black and white with classic colours or do you want to go for something bright and funky?  Do you continue with your shower or add a bathtub? Decorating a bathroom can be difficult and time-consuming.

2. Know your budget

Money is the most important aspect of any renovation plan. If your budget is $10,000, then it would not be possible to install a new bathtub, change the plumbing, repaint and add your favourite tiles. In trying to fit all your wishes within your budget, you might have to compromise on quality of material and cut a few corners. This might cause damage to the structure of the bathroom making you lose more money. So when thinking of ideas, it’s easy to want everything but remember to be realistic about your budget. A comprehensive budget must not only include the cost of fittings and fixtures but also labour cost for tradies. Wondering how much bathroom renovation costs? Get quotes from licensed and insured professionals for a job well done.

#protip – Be sure to add in a little extra for unexpected problems.

3. Hire the right people

It’s important to find the right people to do the job for you. Unless you are a professional yourself, a renovation isn’t a DIY project. If you want to add a shower head to your shower, instead of poking around in your pipes, call a plumber. You might end up damaging the entire water system of the house. Painting over cabinets or changing a few basic fixtures can be done by you but the complex tasks have to be done by a licensed professional. 

4. Make a schedule

Bathroom renovations, even more than any other room in the house, require a specific sequence of tasks to be completed and coordinated around one another. If the plumber hasn’t fixed the sink, you can’t expect the painter to do his work first. This will result in paint damage, forcing a repaint and costing you extra money. Don’t expect any restoration work to be completed in a matter of days. Don’t be misled into believing that a smaller bathroom would take less time than a bigger one. The length of time it takes is dictated by the kind of renovation you’ll be doing. If you’re doing a complete remodel, start from the top to make cleanup easier.

5. Maintain your bathroom

It’s critical to maintain the bathroom after renovations to ensure that it lasts as long as possible and is in excellent condition. Wiping up post-shower water on the bathroom floor is the most important thing you can do to keep the bathroom clean. When water seeps into the grout, the tiles get stained over time. Make it a tradition that the last person to shower cleans the shower walls, panels and door, bathtub, etc. In the coming years you will appreciate this practise when you don’t have to change the drywall or pay excessive money for grout cleaning. A few additional minutes of labour everyday will significantly reduce your time and money later. When showering, you can also easily remove moisture by opening a window and turning on the exhaust fan. Even, as the shower curtain dries, remember to spread it open.



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