Make Small Bathroom Bigger

How to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

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Make Small Bathroom Bigger

Did you know that a small bathroom doesn’t have to look small?  With a few design tricks, it’s possible to get a restroom that looks small and convert it to an attractive and relaxing place without shifting any wall.  Here are a few tips on how to transform your washroom to look extra big.

How to make a narrow bathroom feel wider

Following are the ways to make a small bathroom feel large.

Mount a Larger Mirror

A large mirror in the bathroom is a great idea when thinking about adding more space to your bathroom. A huge mirror not only reflects more light to your restroom but also brings in the illusion of added space in a tiny room. Consider having a frameless mirror that is resistant to water and moisture and it will bring out the desired look in the bathroom. Hang a frameless rectangular mirror for maximum coverage or choose a large round option for a stylish modern look.

Increase Sufficient Natural Light

A dark bathroom can be cold and scary, it’s advisable to increase the natural light getting into the bathroom, natural light helps illuminate the bathroom features giving the illusion of a bigger space. This can be done by adding a transparent window which will assist in letting in natural light and still give the much-needed privacy when using the bathroom. One can also add a skylight if space allows, this helps in letting natural lighting and air to the bathroom.

Same Colour on the wall and Ceiling

When painting your bathroom it’s important to use a lighter colour which will make the small space feels bigger. White is a good colour that is bright and very neat for every bathroom, avoid mixing different colours as this can cause visual distractions. Painting one colour from the ceiling to the walls brings out a unified effect that brings out a seamless appearance in the entire room. A bathroom with different shades of paint looks smaller and cluttered.


Did you know that excellent tiling in the bathroom can help make the room bigger and spacious? When tiling the restroom it’s important to cover the walls and the floor using large tiles. The large tiles trick the eye into believing space is bigger. Always match the paint on the walls to the colour of the tiles used to keep the tone uniform.

Storage Cabinets

A small bathroom can look cluttered if space is not well utilized. Consider storage designs like under-vanity storage cupboards where you can store your essentials under the sink or even behind the door.  There are also mirrored cabinets storage spaces which also add some aesthetic value to the room and also serve as storage spaces. Closed storage spaces are perfect for keeping detergents, makeups, and medications while open spaces can be used to store items that are frequently used like toiletries and towels.


A small bathroom can look cluttered if decorations are not well placed. When deciding to add more décor in the bathroom always aim to have just minimal artworks.  It’s advisable to have just one rag and a framed portrait to make the bathroom more welcoming. Always avoid having trays filled with cosmetics and nail polish these items would be better placed in a closed storage cabinet.

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