How to Become an Amazing Dog Shelter Volunteer

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The volunteers are considered as the backbone of an animal shelter. Volunteers are generally counted on to manage or walk the dogs in different types of weather as well as in cleaning up their mess. They are also able to socialize with puppies through cuddling or play. The best volunteers are known for their determination and dedication.

In case you are considering becoming a volunteer for a dog shelter, there are some volunteer etiquettes that you should abide by.  In this article, we have listed the top things that you should do to become an amazing volunteer for a dog shelter.

Tips to Become a Good Dog Shelter Volunteer

Certain points need to be followed while becoming a dog shelter volunteer. Some great tips to become an amazing volunteer are as follows:

  1. Listen and Do

There is excitement and anticipation in a dog shelter as a new volunteer begins his or her first shift at a facility. Whether the person is a seasoned volunteer or a dog owner, it is important to remember that most of the shelter staff are protective of their animals. They are the ones that know what is the best thing for their dogs as they spend more time with them than the volunteers.

A volunteer should always listen to the advice offered by the staff and never presume that they know better than the floor employee. In case the volunteer feels that there is an issue with the conduct of an employee, he or she should take it up with the shelter manager separately and not discuss it in a group meeting.

  1. Go Beyond

Most of the time, volunteers come by a dog shelter, walk the dogs, and then go ahead with their day. In dog shelters, the staff may have a lot of load for their shift and in such a scenario, an extra set of hands means a lot. An exceptional volunteer generally stays behind to check what else is required to be done. It can be picking up the poo or washing and folding of laundry. The staff on duty would appreciate such extra efforts.

  1. Keep the Date

Staff at a dog shelter rely on dependable and punctual volunteers. In case you do not show up, it may lead to a lot of problems and extra workload for the staff. While volunteering at a dog shelter, make sure that you show up on time and are ready to work. However, in case of an emergency, make sure to give a quick call to the dog shelter at the earliest. Such efforts are always appreciated.

  1. Read the Rules

In an animal shelter, rules are set for the safety of the staff, volunteers, as well as the dogs. While volunteering at a dog shelter, make sure that you are aware of all the rules and adhere to them. In case a staff member asks you to modify your conduct or change your clothes for complying with the shelter’s policy, there might be a good reason behind it.

  1. Love the Work

A volunteer should love the work that he or she is volunteering for. Being a volunteer at an animal shelter is much more than just walking a dog. As a volunteer, you should be a part of the social development as well as the emotional well-being of the dog. Make sure to spend time with the shelter dog, give it your complete attention.


Volunteers play a major role in a dog shelter. Hence, one should make sure to follow the above points.

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