How to Buy a Freestyle and Free-Standing Wardrobe

Free–Standing Wardrobes

Have you been scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest to find wardrobe ideas for your room? A free-standing wardrobe is a lucrative solution for your clothes, accessories, and shoes, especially for people who move frequently. 

Although fitted wardrobes may have the upper hand in offering a seamless and blended appearance, they are costlier, without the flexibility of free-standing cabinets. Furthermore, Australians are turning to apartment living in huge numbers, which calls for smart space-saving storage solutions.

If you want the perfect wardrobe for your room, this article has the exact details.

Different Types of Free Standing Wardrobes

To identify the right wardrobe for your room, you need to understand the different types. Below are some varieties to help you choose your perfect storage solution.

  • One/Two Door Wardrobes – These wardrobes stand tall and slender, taking up little to medium space in the room. One-door wardrobes take up little floor space and are ideal for small bedrooms and storage space for one individual. Double wardrobes offer different interior fitting combinations, so you get a mix of hanging and shelving space. 
  • Triple Door Wardrobes – Triple wardrobes are ideal for more enormous bedrooms or sharing storage space with a sibling or a partner. They command a larger footprint, so it’s vital to consider the room size and location.
  • Corner Wardrobes – Corner wardrobes can help cover any awkward room space that may otherwise remain redundant. If you have a larger room, you can combine them with existing free-standing cabinets to create ample bedroom storage space.
  • Bi-fold Wardrobes – These wardrobes offer to take up less room than a hinged wardrobe. Their concertina design allows full access to the wardrobe interior without infringing on the room space. This suits even a tiny space.
  • Open Wardrobes – If you are an avid Instagram user, you must have seen open wardrobes, which provide a minimalist approach. It is the ideal option for small bedrooms. They are budget-friendly and easy to relocate.

Consider These Factors to Buy a Freestanding Wardrobe

Finding your perfect wardrobe fitted to your needs with careful consideration. Think about these crucial aspects before investing in one. 

  • Wardrobe size – The wardrobe size depends on the number of people who will use it regularly. Do you need it yourself, or are you sharing it with a partner? You also need to consider the number of clothes you have. 
  • Type of storage – If you don’t like folding clothes or have no time, you will need more hanging space. Otherwise, a combination of hanging space with some shelves and drawers is the perfect fusion.
  • Seamless look – Consider the finish and height if you want a coordinated look with other pieces of bedroom furniture.
  • Style – If you want your wardrobe to reflect your personality and the room’s aesthetics consider your style.

Bottom Line

Whether you are switching bedrooms or moving to a different house, a free standing wardrobe offers the flexibility of moving and comes in various sizes, shapes, and finishes. Hence, take your time and research what type and style will fit well with the rest of the room.

Further, it is essential to check the dimensions to ensure it crosses the house and bedroom doors.  Following this checklist, you will have your perfect wardrobe in no time!

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