Points to Remember While Buying the Top Bean Bag Chairs

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Isn’t it nice to sit on a chair that adjusts itself to your body’s shape? Or one that relaxes your stiff muscles? The bean bag chair, known as Sacco in Italian, the place where it all started, does all that and more. If there was a product that embodied the word comfy, it has to be this. You must have seen them at your friend’s house, cafes, offices, malls, and other places, and even thought of getting one for yourself. But before doing that, you should know the things to look out for when buying top bean bag chairs along with their benefits. After all, life with a bean bag around is relaxed and smooth in so many ways.

The fabric matters a lot

It’s essential to know what kind of fabric has been used in the chair. It is better to go for one that is high-quality and durable. Since the chair will be pulled and pushed plenty of times, the fabric should be stable and withstand wear and tear. The most popular of these is vinyl. It has its benefits, as you can clean it easily. But make sure that the ink used to make the fabric is lead-free. Artificial leather is also a good option, particularly for pets, since the hair won’t stick to the chair. Polyester and nylon are good choices, too, since they don’t stain easily and are treated with a special coating that makes them mold and fade resistant.

Focus on the size and shape

The most commonly found bean bags are round in shape. However, they are available in different forms and sizes too. Bags for kids have a circumference between 110 to 120 inches in total, while those for teenagers measure between 130 and 140 inches. If two people are using it at once, enormous chairs with measurements of 180 inches will be the best. If you suffer from neck and back pain, a pear-shaped design will work spectacularly well. Square chairs have a fixed shape and work well for those who want a traditional sitting experience. There are even separate chairs for gaming with built-in speakers and a seating area suitable for professional or gaming enthusiasts. If you’re buying bean bags for kids, you can go for fun shapes, including baked potatoes, sleeping grizzly bears, sharks, football, and elephants.

Enquire about the filling used 

The filling of the bag deserves as much attention as its shape and size. You can choose from several options, including polystyrene beads, shredded foam, and expanded polypropylene. Among these, polystyrene beads, or EPS (expandable polystyrene), are minute in size and enjoy free movement inside the bag, allowing maximum comfort. They range from 3 to 5 millimeters and are lightweight, which means you can move the chair around with ease. Shredded foam is also an option, as they are very easy on your back. EPP, or expanded polypropylene, is also a good option since the foam is solid and long-lasting.

Benefits of bean bag chairs

Perhaps there is no other piece of furniture that provides so many benefits as the bean bag. It relaxes the muscles, eases the stiffness, and is the ultimate relief for tension headaches. It is the ideal choice if you are troubled by stiffness in the lower back, sciatic nerve, hips, and buttocks. These chairs are beneficial for pregnant women since it offers total spine support. If you suffer from poor posture from sitting on a hard sofa or couch, this chair is the remedy for that since it adapts itself to your body’s natural posture.

It would help to remember these points while searching for the top bean bag chairs. It is an effective solution to various body aches while being aesthetically pleasing and fun at the same time.

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