How to Cat Proof Your Apartment

Cat Proof Your Apartment If you want to have a cat then you need to know house cats are not always the ideal roommates. Comparing them to children would be a much better approach because they play, jump and run around. It is highly likely that they can cause a great deal of trouble if proper measures are not taken beforehand. From getting stuck to breaking stuff your kitty can wreak havoc but fret not as we are here to present you with affordable solutions that can get your house cat proofed in no time.

Litter Box for Cat-Friendly Apartment

Bring in home the best litter box. This way your feline family member can sense that the house also belongs to him. Cats are independent and territorial. They love their area and house. So with a litter box, a cat bed, and some food bowl, your cat can have his/her own corner creating a sense of ownership that will put them at ease.

Hide Their Favorite Foods

Marshmallows, chocolates, and cookies are the favorite human foods of cats; chocolate being extremely harmful and toxic for cats. Never assume that your cat wouldn’t eat food on shelves. Just keep food off the counters, in some cupboards or drawers when you are not around.

Blinds electric cords.


All that things that are moving or flying are attractive to cats. It may be power cords on blinds, ribbons, or electric wires. Cats may get themselves electrocuted, hurt, tangled or cause short circuits. The best approach is prevention and this is something you do before the arrival of your kitty cat. Use wire clamps, hooks and zip ties to bind the loose power cords and wires attaching them to walls where necessary. This will not only make them cat proof but also give a neater look to your living quarters.

The solution for destroyed blinds is slightly more difficult as cats love sitting in the window to sunbathe or simply to observe that bird outside. It may be impossible to keep your kitty off that window ledge. There are a few possible solutions that can be used to cat proof blinds; the easiest but the price is one is replacing aluminum blinds with wooden blinds or fabric curtains. Otherwise, you could keep them raised and install a cat-sized curtain with a tension rod.


Before taking a cat into your house remove little household or indoor plants as some plants may be toxic to your fur baby. Lilies are notorious as they contain toxins that are fatal for cats even upon contact. Even if plants are not toxic, cats will leave scratch marks on it. However, if you happen to be as much of a plant lover as a cat lover do your due research before getting any indoor plants. Then keep them out of the reach, like a hanging basket with the ceiling or on some ledge that your kitty can’t get to.

Large Appliances


One of the major games felines want to play is ‘hide and seek’, and large appliances in houses fit that bill, especially washers or dryers. Always check the inside of your appliances before you turn it on. Keep your fluff balls from going through the spin by closing appliances when not in use. Same is the case with the trash cans. Make sure to keep the lid closed, and also ensure that it is weighty enough so your feline does not get knocked over easily.

Glittering Things on Holiday Decoration

Shining things are extremely alluring to cats. Still, you cannot just go without getting a Christmas tree or Decorating the house parties. But what you can do is to make sure that your Decoration items are not based on breakable things or harmful materials that are toxic to cats. Avoid glass decorations to prevent a mess and injury of any sort. Try to secure your Christmas tree and make it as sturdy as possible. If your cat is a chewer, reconsider dangling things like tinsel or garlands as your cat could easily swallow them and suffer from a bowel obstruction.

Cleaning Products and Medicines

Thinking that your cat would not get into medicines or cleaning products is a mistake. Always be conscious that you have a little mischief in your house. Keep cleaning products and medicines stashed away. Also once you are done with cleaning, make sure to rinse well. Cleaning fluids, antifreeze, and other chemicals are all source of great damage for pets. Liquids containing phenol are particularly toxic to cats, causing serious liver-damage. Don’t use these near food bowls, sleeping quarters or litter boxes. Some chemicals like Ethylene glycol (the compound is antifreeze) smells and tastes sweet so making it very tempting for a curious pet. Even a few drops of it can cause serious kidney damage and can be fatal.

Couch and Leather Covers

If you are a cat owner and have couches without scratch marks kindly come talk to me because I would like to know what magic spell you have on your cat. Scratching is as natural for a cat as breathing is there is no way you can teach your cat not to do it. However, what you can do is keep them away from your pretty, expensive furniture. The best way to do it is to utilize alternate scratching options however if your cat still shows no interest and the couch is its ultimate victim it is time for reinforcements. Use a water spraying bottle to ward off the scratching, this associates a negative memory with scratching and is likely to train your fur ball. But sometimes even that is not enough and you may need to use pheromone sprays or catnip to lure your cat to the very elaborate cat tree that you splurged.

Close Escape Routes

Cats are proved to be athletic, but even cats can have accidents; falling from windows or balconies are a few very common cases that can cause serious injuries to your feline. if you think that their body is flexible and they can land on their feet easily, well… you’re not wrong but they have their limitations. Falling from a significant height or at a wrong angle could cause the severe fracture, bruising or internal injuries. The best way is to keep all the exits closed especially the ones above the ground floor. Another solution could be to install a screen that can let the air in and keep the pet in as well.

Also, don’t let mice come inside the apartment because the cats follow the rats. To fix all of your home holes and gaps.

Once again prevention is always better than cure, the best course of action is cat-proof your house before getting a kitty cat, however, training your pet is important as well. It is true that your love compels them to spoil furball all however know that this training will give you the peace of mind as well as keep them safe too.

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