Samsunh Scalable A1 Platform Bixby

How Samsung Is Creating a Scalable A1 Platform with Bixby

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Samsunh Scalable A1 Platform Bixby

A wide-ranging product portfolio at a global scale with more than 500 million devices sold each year around the world, developers can reach more users in more ways. From fridges and appliances to smartphones and wearables, Bixby is available on a variety of products. Users benefit from a seamless A1 experience across their devices, while developers can reach more people across a broad product portfolio.

Bixby: Samsung’s Scalable, Open A1 Platform

Bixby Capsule

A set of capabilities that developers create for Bixby to add functionalities or services. For example, if a user enables a weather capsule, he or she can ask Bixby about the weather.

Bixby Developer

Studio The integrated development environment (IDE) that makes it easy for developers to create Bixby Capsules.

Bixby Developer Center

Located at Bixby developers website contains technical documents (intro, developer guide, and references), developer team support, and download links to Bixby DeveloperStudio.

Bixby Marketplace

A service that will make it easy for consumers to discover, enable/disable, and provide feedback on Bixby Capsules.

Opening Bixby Developer

Studio Third-party developers can now build their own capsules for Bixby. Users around the world will be able to discover and use capsules on Bixby-enabled devices across Samsung ‘s ecosystem.
The Bixby Developer Studio will enable participating developers to integrate more services into Bixby, adding a massive service network to match the ever-expanding device ecosystem. Bixby Developer Studio also makes language expansion easier and simpler than ever, allowing developers to expand support for their preferred languages. With support for five European languages in the coming months and more to follow, users all over the world will find accessing Bixby easier than ever. Armed with these tools, Bixby will continue to expand its device, service, and language ecosystem.

Looking to the Future

By 2020, our vision is that all of Samsung’s devices and appliances will be connected through the SmartThings cloud and powered by Bixby. Bixby can handle what you want to do – even if you don’t know how to do it. With strong developer participation, Bixby will grow into an even more massive device, service, and language ecosystem that can handle all of a user’s tasks from start to finish.

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