Plantation Shutters for Windows

How To Choose the Best Plantation Shutters for Your Windows

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Plantation Shutters for Windows

If you’re looking to revamp your room, why not start with window shutters? It is a stylish and incredibly versatile choice that works beautifully in any room, be it a bedroom, living room, bathroom, or even kitchen. Shutters come in every color you can dream of, keep the cold out in winter, and fit perfectly any budget. Additionally, it allows you to control the light level in the room.

Thus, if you’re considering plantation shutters as your main window covering, here’s how you can shop smartly.

Where To Fit Plantation Shutters?

Figuring out how to choose shutters is all about considering whether your windows will be the perfect match or not. They’re suitable for any room but if you’re on a tight budget, consider putting them at the front of your home. They will give potential buyers a great first impression if you’re thinking of selling your home.

Suppose you work from home a lot; window shutters can keep your work environment at a nice, comfortable temperature.

Another great place to fit plantation shutters is the bathroom area, as they provide complete privacy while allowing required light. Choose 100% waterproof shutters for the bathroom area as there will be a lot of moisture.

Do They Fit Your Style?

Your plantation shutters should always complement the shape of your window. You need to be sure that your plantation shutters actually fit your style and décor choices because a simple window covering the wall can change your room’s entire look.

While curtains and blinds can often hide parts of the wall, shutters can help you to reveal the window frame. So, you can use your window as a feature in your room. There are various shutter styles available to choose from, such as,

  • Café-style plantation shutters
  • Solid shutters
  • Full-height window shutters
  • Tier-on-tier shutters

Choosing Colorful Shutters

Shutters shouldn’t always be in white. You can choose them in color matched to the paint of the room. However, before you decide on choosing colorful shutters, make sure you’re happy with your color choice.

Colorful plantation shutters create a focal point and make a great alternative to feature a simple wall. You can make a compact space look bigger by coordinating your window shutters with the walls. The same shade will give a seamless feel, particularly when the louvers are chosen.

Installation Matters for Several Reasons

Choose plantation shutters from a qualified installer so they can install shutters following the manufacturer’s requirement. Special attention is required when installing wood shutters as the frames need to be kept perfectly square. It can help you avoid pinched hinges and stress on shutter panels.

Remember that window shutters will take 100% of the UV rays, so it has to be tough. If an inexperienced installer does not take enough time to fit the frame at the perfect level, the shutter will lose its original shape causing cracks, damage, and warpage. However, you can avoid this situation by choosing a dealer with factory-certified installers.

When you decide on buying plantation shutters for your home, you’re making an investment that will last longer. Thus, it is essential to know the different options and types available in the market. Take style consideration in order to make the most out of your window coverings.

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