Modern Hamptons Style Kitchen

10 Vital Design Elements of Modern Hamptons Style Kitchen

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Modern Hamptons Style Kitchen

Are you building a new kitchen or going for a full-fledged kitchen renovation? Well, there are many kitchen design styles from which you can choose, and you’ll find a classic Hamptons style kitchen as an option. If you like the Hamptons kitchen style and want to infuse it into your new modern kitchen or kitchen makeover, then here are some practical design tips that you should consider.

10 Modern Hamptons style kitchens are here:

1. White is the Perfect Choice

When designing a Hamptons style kitchen, use white as far as possible. That’s because white is known for its light and reflective quality. Typically, you can use white marble benchtops, cabinetry, window frames, and lighting components.

2. Architecture

Classic Hamptons architecture adorns features like timber sarking on ceilings and walls, exposed beams, pitched-ceiling, pale colours, wood floors, and ample light. If you’re planning for Hamptons style kitchen, then you’ll need to consider these features. And if the house already possesses some of these features, then Hamptons style will work best.

3. Frame & Panel Cabinetry

Earlier, kitchen cabinets had a frame around the panel, which sometimes referred to as shaker-style cabinets. Due to their sturdy, traditional lines and detailing, these cabinets have become a favourite choice in Hamptons style kitchens.

4. Paint Wood Cabinetry

If you’re looking for a fascinating option for white, then paint your wood cabinetry with green, grey or blue colour, and they go well in coastal kitchens because it reflects the varied colours of the ocean.

5. Use Dark Wood for Flooring

In Hamptons style kitchen, you get two flooring choices – dark flooring and light flooring. If you have selected white or off-white, or light colours for the cabinetry, splashback, benchtop, bar stools, and chandeliers, then the dark flooring in the kitchen room will provide the stunningly beautiful contrasting effect.

6. Ceramic Tile Splashback

Well, you can pick ceramic tiles for the splashback; for instance, small black or grey subway tiles. They are available in diverse colour options and come in different shapes such as rectangular, square, penny rounds, or hexagonal.

7. Marble Kitchen Benchtops

Marble kitchen benchtops look fabulous, and it is available in an array of patterns and colours. It will enhance the look of the Hamptons kitchen due to its natural, eternal quality.

8. Wooden Kitchen Benchtops

If you’re going with a wooden kitchen benchtop; instead of, marble or stone benchtop, then you’ll have to remain careful with heat and moisture, and install only sturdy hardwood species. Some people like wood because it has tactile, natural, and organic properties.

9. Open Shelves & Cane Baskets

Open shelves are a fantastic add on to display your kitchenware, especially if you have unique or distinctive pieces like glass bottles, dishes or anything that grabs attention. Cane baskets help to manage clutter by storing and hiding away unpleasant items while contributing to the Hamptons style.

10. Big Pendant Lights

A high ceiling kitchen will look stunning with large cloth pendant lights, which will also add to the drama and scale of the room. Besides, woven cane, ceramic, and metal are some other choices for modern Hamptons-style kitchens.

Summing Up

Well, you can use the above elements to design a modern Hamptons-style kitchen for your home. Designing the kitchen not only offers practicality, convenience, and comfort but also reflects the taste of the people residing in the house.

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