How to Find Your Dream Job in Education


A dream job in education can be life-changing for you, and it can be life-altering for any student or learner you get to teach. A career in education can take many shapes and forms, and it could cover teaching or it could cover support work. If you want to find your dream job in education, it can be useful to take some guidance from others already working in education as well as delve into useful guides such as this one to ensure you are heading in the right direction.

Establish What Role You Want

The role that you choose to undertake in education will be reflective of your personality, your skillset, and, of course, your ambitions. Getting the roles that you want will help you to build a stable and long-lasting career. When it comes to establishing a suitable position, you must look at what you enjoy doing, and you must focus on your strengths. For example, if you enjoy helping others, then would a classroom assistant be a suitable position for you. Or, if you love engaging learners, and enriching their lives, then would the role of a teacher be better suited?

Start narrowing down your selection criteria sooner rather than later so that you can start making an impact in a new role.

Assess Your Current Qualifications and Experience

Once you have decided on the role you want to pursue, you must then look at your existing qualifications and experience. To become a teacher, you must complete a degree in education (or related field), and you must also complete a period of compulsory on-the-job training. This experience you gain on the job will be eye-opening, and it will help you better prepare for your new role. As well as looking at a degree and gaining experience, you may also benefit from other qualifications and certifications, such as the first aid for children course, which will help you prepare for any eventuality (in or outside of the classroom).

Signing Up for An Agency

After getting your qualifications, you are now about to embark on the process of finding and landing your first role. Often it can be difficult to find a suitable role, and getting the support and guidance of an agency can often help. For example, if you are being specific and looking for the teaching jobs Exeter has, then signing up to an agency that helps you search for relevant positions in this location will be beneficial. It will take away any additional stress that job searching brings and find you a suitable role.

Start Setting Goals

After you have landed your first role, you will see that there is no time to stand still. Start setting career goals to keep you on your toes and keep you focused. Career goals will also help you achieve and reach your full potential, and in a career in education, this then helps all learners benefit too.

Focus on Networking

When you are embarking on a career in education, you must realize that you are not alone. Networking will play a huge role in your career, both in the early stages and moving forwards too. As well as focusing on networking, you must also be sure to focus on professional and personal growth. Growing as a professional and being prepared to grow will help you to get the most out of any future roles.

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