How to Furnish a Conservatory or Garden Room


A conservatory or garden room is completely different space from any other room in the house.

It is far more humid, and full of natural light in a conservatory compared to the other rooms in the house. You have to take into consideration that temperatures will certainly rise when the sun is out, but in the evening and colder side of the year, it will be a chilly space. This guide will help you on your way to furnishing a conservatory or garden room effectively.

Light furniture

As this room has the advantage of lots of natural light, you want to keep the room feeling crisp and fresh. Go for rattan or oak furniture. Light in colour, they compliment the room and suit the surroundings. Metal, glass, and mosaic also suit the conservatory or garden room. This room is practically part of the garden so it’s all about getting the right mix of the outdoors/indoors style.


As the majority of the conservatory or garden room is made up of windows, it lacks wall space to hang paintings and pictures for decoration. You can still personalize the space by placing large potted plants. This suits the room’s outdoor feel and makes it a much more appealing space to sit in.

Informal dining room

Conservatories are a great space to eat lunch with your family or to sit around casually with friends. Leave the fancy china and posh table cloths for the dining room. Make your conservatory area an informal dining space that can be enjoyed all year round. In the summer you can open up the doors to the garden so that you have a place to retreat from the hot rays of the sun. In the colder months, make sure you have proper heating in the sunroom so that you can marvel at winter’s beauty through the windows while you eat.

Rugs and cushions

You want to avoid your conservatory feeling too cold and separate from your home. Make it feel more home-like with a textured rug. Don’t be afraid of using a splash of colour as it will make a bold statement contrasted with the natural lightness of the room. Make sure that the seating areas are comfortable with plenty of cushions. The patterns of the covers could be nature-related, be it a modern print of a flower, or more traditional and vintage looking. This helps tie in the outdoors with the indoors subtly in a stylish manner.

TV room

How about creating your conservatory into a room dedicated to watching films? You can have all your DVDs stored in there on shelves and comfy seats so that you can enjoy the cinematic experience. Have fun with it and go all out and even get surround sound fitted in. This is a creative way of using the space and will be a fun addition to your home. Make sure that you have blinds that can blackout any rays of light so that you can watch films during the day as well as in the evenings.


You may feel that a bookcase may feel like too big a piece of furniture for the conservatory area. However, you can get low bookcases to go underneath the window seats. This gives an intellectual spin on the room, offering a space where people can go and read, but it also acts as an interesting decoration. You can also put ornaments on top of the bookcases, a vase of flowers, or photo frames. The bookcases create a place for you to display decorative pieces, as well as a great place to store all your favourite stories.

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