How to Fix Common Fascia, Soffits, and Guttering Issues

Fix Fascia Soffits Guttering Issues

Gutter cleaning is one of the most significant factors that every homeowner needs to consider. A clogged gutter will not only give a shabby look to your house; it seems unhealthy that will ruin the overall health of your family members. Again, Fascia is another important part of a house that develops a barrier between the outside and the inside element of the roof. If it gets blocked, the house can get damaged due to various weather conditions.

Fixing the issues of clogged gutter

Many homeowners ignore the hazards of a clogged gutter, but if it is not cleaned properly, it can cause serious damage to your health. Once the gutter gets clogged, water cannot pass smoothly, and it will spill over the sides. This will lead to various structural and foundation issues in your house. So gutter cleaning seems one of the most vital parts of keeping your house free from any damage.

The gutter becomes clogged due to debris, leaves, and other unnecessary objects. Hence it is always necessary to clean debris from the gutter at least twice a week. You can use a garden towel to clear the gutter, or you can even use a professional gutter cleaning service if you think you need an extra hand with this. If you notice dry leaves around the gutter, use a leaf blower to clean the area. It is also suggested to use rain gutter guards to stop the entry of unnecessary objects inside the gutter.

Fixing the issues of Fascia and Soffits

Fascia and Soffits both are significant parts of a house and damage to the roof fascia can occur depending on the age of the house. Both Fascia and Soffit protect the house by keeping the roof free from damage and allowing proper ventilation.

Once you notice leaks on the Fascia and it will look shabby. So, you may feel that fresh pain is necessary to fix the issues. You will also notice pests existing inside the cracks. Experts suggest that Fascia & soffits need regular maintenance. Fresh painting, daily cleaning, and other required repairing work are necessary to keep the Fascia free from damage.

Besides those mentioned above, below are some essential tips that you need to follow to maintain a fascia board. 

  • Homeowners are suggested to use OVC fascia boards. These create fewer hazards, and these also don’t need repainting. Here you just need to wipe them to get back the old look. 
  • There should not be any cap covers while installing the Fascia. Otherwise, there will be the development of moisture, which can cause damage to the house.
  • Many homeowners wrongly place the new fascia boards above the old ones. But it should not be done, and once you notice that the old fascia board deteriorates, you need to replace the old one with the new one.
  • It is also suggested to use aluminum soffits as these can help in proper ventilation of air and help in low moisture generation inside the house. However, these Fascia are expensive, but they can last longer.


Above are the essential tips for cleaning the gutter, Fascia, and soffits of your house to keep it free from all damage.

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