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What Do You Look for in a Watch? A Style Guide to Choose A Timepiece

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what to do Look for Watch

Styling up for a watch is no joke. Any timepiece you see shows that it is made with precision and care. Any watch available comes in various designs. Each of them is created with a distinct aesthetic in mind.

Looking for that one watch can take a long time. You go through many collections and find the best one that speaks to you. One timepiece can be available for a specific period and may not be made after that. Think of heirlooms, limited-edition timepieces, and commemorative watches. All watches can come and go. Our style guide can help you choose which timepiece is the best fit for you.

Dive watches

People who love to swim at sea also bring their watches. Fortunately, some watches can work underwater as deep as 660 to 980 feet. But, of course, that is also why some divers invest in a watch in the first place.

Today’s dive watches are built to withstand high water pressure. These timepieces can still work, whether snorkeling or checking out an underwater cave. Most watches have a rotating bezel so divers can track their diving times and check oxygen levels. All models are made with anti-corrosion stainless steel. Professional swimmers also wear dive watches since the watch tests their durability.

Dress watches

From the name itself, dress watches are best for formal events. If the dress code of an event requires guests to wear a black-tie outfit, you must have this timepiece. Business meetings are also suitable since you want to bring your best look. Any outfit like the suit or tuxedo will fit right in. When you want more, Seiko watches Philippines have many timepieces to choose from. One thing to look out for is not wearing a dress watch while wearing denim jeans and sneakers. It is a frowned-upon approach to the timepiece.

Pocket watches

Pocket watches are old-school timepieces rarely made today. However, its obscurity and antiquarian aesthetic made it valuable to watch collectors. The design typically includes a crest or coat of arms for exclusive clubs. These types of watches come in two variants: hinged-case and open-faced.

Suppose you find a watchmaker who still makes pocket watches. Be grateful for them. Watchmakers can take years of practice to wind up or customize one, let alone a pocket watch. It is no wonder that owning a watch can dictate your status in life. 

Field watches

These watches are the by-products of World War I, known as trench watches. Back then, officers used these watches to strike at the right moment and withstand the rigors of war. Of course, it still tells the time, and they want to feel that prestige. You could even read the time at night with this watch.

As the watch prioritizes function, the design is typically rugged with a stainless steel case and leather strap. While it may look like a limiting design choice, it works well. The field watch may be for you if you are outdoors. Hiking, camping, or gardening would make the watch’s durability tolerable.

Wrap up

Watches can show a person’s character. Each design can depict its best qualities and have the function prioritized. There is no way you can go out of style. Remember: you do your time.

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