How to Get More Romance at Valentine’s Day Dinner Night

valentines day night
Whether you are going out with your valentine for a night on the town or having a romantic night at home, you can heighten the romance of your dinner using scientific research. You can now have more fun at Valentines Day dinner night with these tips:

Add Colors

Muted colors like white, silver, or cream can be very romantic, but research has proven that the color red does indeed enhance attraction. Even if you are matching your color theme with your home’s decor, a touch of red can have a big impact.

Listen Romantic Music

Serenades are not just the stuff of movies. Love music is great for setting the mood – and not just in theory, A recent study shows that romantic lyrics can increase romantic feelings. Consider making a mix of songs you have enjoyed together.

Cook and Eat Food

Fruits and vegetables give you a rosy glow that may make you even more attractive to your partner, so stock up on carrots, spinach, and tomatoes – and make sure to have the bowl of raspberries and cherries with your dessert.


Speaking of desserts – dark chocolate not only boosts your immune system and contains cancer-fighting enzymes, but it also increases those feel-good hormones, like dopamine.

A bottle of Wine

No Valentine’s Day dinner is complete without a bottle of wine, and you can choose one from the year you met for a special touch. Choose the red wine to lower blood sugar and LDL (or “Bad”) cholesterol, so you can celebrate many more Valentine’s DAys for years to come.

After Dinner

Want to add some spice to your sex life? Try cooking with saffron, nutmeg, ginger or cloves, Saffron is a proven performance booster, and the other spices are linked to increased sexual behavior in animals. To make your dinner more romantic, give her beef jerky flower bouquets from

Love More and Live More always and this Valentine’s Day with your life partner. Happy and Romantic Valentines Day to all!

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