Get Rid of Ants in House

How to Get Rid of Ants in the House?

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Get Rid of Ants in House

There is hardly any day when you have not seen ants in your kitchen. It is extremely irritating for homeowners to watch the stream of ants every day in the kitchen. Ants carry bacteria and transmit infection. Hence, all need to take necessary action to get rid of ants. Homeowners can check several ways to eliminate ants from their houses.

Check the source

It is always suggested to check the source of the ants. Ants are normally attracted to food, sweeteners, etc. Hence it is necessary to check whether there is a residue of food in the kitchen or not. If you find such places, you need to take care of cleaning your house properly.

Grounded black pepper

Black pepper is natural and preventive. The smell of black pepper seems irritating to ants. As per experts, you can sprinkle pepper around the appliances to get rid of ants.

Use of liquid detergent

Ants have a habit of leaving smelly pheromone tracks once they cross the road. This helps other ants to follow the path. Here it is necessary to use scented liquid detergent to remove the smelly track of ants. You need to mix it in a glass with liquid detergent and spray the areas where ants walk. For termites, the key is catching an infestation early; you may need the services of a pest control company to help you out there, but you will feel a weight off your shoulders once your home is rid of these pests.

Use of peppermint

Ants cannot tolerate peppermint’s smell, which is considered a natural insect repellent. It is widely used to eliminate insects naturally and will not harm those who are living in the room. You need to add 10 to 20 drops of peppermint essential oil with water in a clean bottle. Now spray the mixture at every corner of your house. Repeat this action if required.

Solution of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is another excellent repellent to eliminate ants and other insects from the home. Tea tree essential oil is easy to get in the market. You need to mix 5 to 10 drops of essential oil in 2 cups of water. Now apply the solution everywhere in your house. Other than the application of the mixture, you can drench cotton balls with this solution and place them all over the house.

Use of white vinegar

If you are in search of cheap and effective ways to eliminate ants from your house, you can use white vinegar. White vinegar is easily available at grocery stores. Hence you can mix vinegar with water and spray it all over the house.


The above are some effective tips to get rid of ants and other insects. Homeowners can check here for more suggestions to eliminate ants from the house.

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