Diamond Shapes Cuts for Jewellery

8 Most Trending Diamond Shapes or Cuts for Jewellery

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Diamond Shapes Cuts for Jewellery

Diamond is the most precious and expensive element or thing on this planet. Diamond is a very solid form of carbon. Diamonds are found on the Earth about 100 miles deep or so below the surface where intense heat and heavy pressure are caused by carbon atoms.

Diamond is used in jewelry, engraving, automotive, medicine, fashion, and beauty industry. But mostly it is used for creating jewelry with gold and silver combinations such as rings, bracelets, earrings, headpieces, necklaces, crowns, and more.

Diamonds have to be cut in many shapes for different types of jewelry. Each shape tells its unique story for which the specific jewelry will be worn. 

Most Popular Diamond Cuts for Jewellery


The round diamond shape is traditionally the most popular, timeless appearance, reflecting light and the first diamond that is given as a symbol of commitment. Round diamond cuts are used in necklaces, engagement rings, and other fine jewelry pieces.


Princess shape diamond is the most popular of the fancy cuts of diamonds. This shape hides inclusions, solitaire, brilliance, and sleek modern styles. It is used in rings, bracelets, and ear pins.


The cushion cut diamonds are old mine shape with the combination of a square cut, reflect color more clearly, and round corners like a pillow. It has a high level of brilliance, and its unique shape is very durable, combines classic style, and is less expensive.


The Oval diamond cuts are considered a fancy shape, bursting with brilliance and fire. Oval shape diamond is unique and exquisite. Oval cut jewelry is bigger, affordable, highly brilliant, timeless, unique in style, and has more variety.


Emerald cut diamond provides for a large surface table and deep clarity. This diamond shape offers abundant reflections both of colored light and white. Emerald cuts look bigger but your finger may look smaller


The radiant cut diamond can trick the eye, is non-traditional, and is beautifully symmetrical. It has excellent brilliance, sparkle, and fire. It is also more durable than other shapes. From rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, it is the best choice for jewellers to make stunning statement pieces of jewelry.


These heart cuts are used in a variety of jewelry pieces from rings, lockets, necklaces, and pendants to bracelets and more. As the heart shape is the symbol of love. Heart-shaped diamond jewelry is great to show your love. Newly engaged or married couples like to wear heart-shaped diamond jewelry in their ring, chain locket, and bracelet. 


Marquise cut diamond is the ideal choice for a necklace, chain locket, and crown. It is one of the largest diamond shapes used in jewelry. It is the ideal shape for those who like a striking engagement ring that makes the finger longer and slimmer.

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