Retired Relatives Healthy

How to Keep Your Retired Relatives Healthy as They Age

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Retired Relatives Healthy

As your retired relatives age, they may begin to become prone to and at more risk of developing common health conditions such as arthritis and dementia, which could decrease their quality of life. If you want to help your retired relatives to live full and healthy lives as they get older, here is what you can do.

Take Them to Doctor’s Appointments

Even if your seniors are conscientious about visiting the doctor when they feel ill, this might not always be possible if they struggle to find suitable transport options. Many elderly people give up driving or are unable to drive due to medical conditions, and this can make it difficult for them to access medical care especially if their doctor does not offer a lot of remote appointments or if they live in a rural area.

To help them to stay healthy and ensure that they get the treatment and diagnoses that they need, you should offer to take them to doctor’s appointments as much as possible.

Bring Them Groceries

You should also try to keep your retired relatives healthy as they age by bringing them groceries. Many elderly people struggle to get to the grocery store or find it hard to cook meals for themselves.

By bringing them groceries, such as ready meals that they can put into the microwave, or by batch cooking them meals, you will be ensuring that they do not go hungry and that they get all the nutrients that seniors need to stay healthy.

Look at the Right Retirement Communities

The right retirement community can help your elderly relatives to stay healthy by ensuring that they have access to all the facilities that they need; allowing them to call for medical help when required, and reducing their risk of becoming lonely.

There are many different retirement communities around the US and each one has a different atmosphere and ethos. This means that if your elderly person does not like the look of a community, there will be another one that suits them more.

Even if your elderly relatives are not ready to move into a retirement community quite yet, looking at the available options in advance can ensure that you are ready when they want to move on, and this will help to put their minds at rest about the future.

Therefore, you should look at facilities such as a St Louis retirement community that could give them the support that they need as they age.

Encourage Them to Stay Active

You should also encourage your elderly relatives to stay active – even if they have mobility issues. Although you should not push them to perform exercises that they are unable to do or are not comfortable with, encouraging them to stay active within their limits (such as by going for a short walk or a wander around the garden, or enjoying chair exercise) can ensure that they keep their muscles and joints in good condition and that they protect their heart and lung health.

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