Perfect Presents – 5 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas The New Mom Will Love


Many modern baby showers feature a registry of gifts the mother knows she wants. If the host of the shower you’re attending hasn’t prepared such a registry, or if you’re looking to add a special extra present to surprise the expectant mom, the list below will help.

Read on to find the perfect present for the mom-to-be in your life.

1. The gift of sleep

This is an ideal little add-on to a gift you’ve picked out from the registry. Go for a high-quality sleep mask made from soft, luxurious material, that will fit comfortably on your friend’s face.

Sleep is a valuable commodity for new parents, and blocking light with a sleep mask can make daytime naps possible, even for people who swear they can’t sleep when the sun is out. Though it may seem like a small gesture, and it won’t cost you much, this is one gift that will earn you serious brownie points with the new mother once she sees how well it works.

2. A basket full of treats

To really get this gift right, you’ll need to do some reconnaissance. What is the mom-to-be craving? What are her favorite comfort foods? What will make her feel healthy and nourished? It’s also important to double-check the foods that should be avoided during pregnancy.

Once you’ve gathered all this information, it’s time to get creative. Pick up a beautiful basket, cellophane, ribbons, and all the foods, products, and pampering items you’ve chosen. Display them all beautifully, wrap the whole thing up, and you’ve got a beautiful, personalized gift basket. If you don’t have time for all this preparation, there are plenty of online businesses offering gourmet gift hampers, often with free delivery.

3. The gift of comfort

Though it may be a beautiful time, pregnancy can also be incredibly uncomfortable for the mother. Let’s not even get into childbirth, the recovery period, and the years beyond. Small comforts mean so much to mothers, so things like maternity sportswear bra (or a gift card to purchase some), aromatherapy diffusers, compression socks, and pregnancy pillows will be very much appreciated.

4. A maternity belt

If you’re a fan of giving no-nonsense, practical gifts, this is the ideal option for you. A good quality maternity belt will take the pressure off the pregnant mom’s back. They can be used all through pregnancy to relieve discomfort and prevent slow-onset injuries. After pregnancy, they can be used to help close the gap that often forms between the abdominal muscles.

5. The most unique gift of all

If the pregnant mom, her partner, or their circle of friends is quite creative, a belly painting kit can be a whole lot of beautiful fun. These kits come with a colorful range of safe, non-toxic paints along with brushes, sponges, design ideas, and templates. They open up endless possibilities for beautiful pregnancy photoshoots. You may even inspire an impromptu painting of the baby shower!

Each of the unique ideas above will work well as a standalone gift or as a thoughtful addition to a registry item the mom is already expecting. Though it’s important for her to be able to tick off all the things she knows she needs, there’s nothing like an exciting surprise to brighten a person’s day. We hope you’ve found the inspiration you need to do just that.

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