How to Make a Burlap Pouch for Your Succulents

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Succulents really look great planted in just about anything! Even things found around the house or finding materials to recycle can provide a fun home for your succulents. These simple burlap pouches are easy to make, don’t require any sewing, and are a great way to display succulents or give them as gifts. You can stuff them full of succulents or just plant one or two to make a statement. Whatever you do, this look is something you’re sure to love!

Step 1

Cut your burlap to be 12”x6” and lay it out flat.

Step 2

Using the hot glue gun, create a line of hot glue along the 6” edge of the burlap leaving about 1” on each end without hot glue.

Step 3

Fold the burlap over the hot glue and gently press together (careful not to burn yourself) to create a “hem”.

Step 4

Repeat steps 2-3 on the other edge of the burlap.

Step 5

Starting just below one of the hemmed edges, create a line of hot glue along the raw edge about 6” long on each side.

Step 6

Line up the two hemmed edges with each other and align the frayed edges to create a pocket. Gently press down on the edges to glue the sides together.

Step 7

Cut a piece of twine about 3’ long. You can cut it longer if you’d like your pouch to have a longer string to hang the pouch.

Step 8

Fold back the hemmed edges and place a large drop of hot glue between the hemmed pieces on the top of the pocket and put one end of the twine in the glue. Press the two hemmed edges together to secure the twine in the hot glue on the pocket.

Step 9

Repeat step 8 with the other side of the pouch.

Step 10

Soak the Sphagnum moss with water.

Step 11

Take a handful of Sphagnum moss and insert it into the burlap pocket. Spread it out so it creates a thin layer covering the inside of each side of the pocket. This will prevent soil from falling out of the burlap.

Step 12

Fill the inside of the pocket almost to the top with succulent soil.
burlap-pocket planer

Step 13

Begin inserting succulents in the pocket by nestling the succulents into the soil. Cover the roots as much as possible.

Step 14

Fill the pocket with succulents. For a more unique look, attach some to the outside with hot glue. You can also use hot glue to keep succulents in the pocket in place.

Step 15

The succulent pocket can be watered once the soil dries out. The burlap allows for excellent drainage so you may find you have to water more often than some of your container arrangements. Be sure to make sure the soil gets soaked through the Sphagnum moss. You may have to wet the moss a couple times before you’ll be able to actually get water to the soil. Another option is to dunk the pouch in a container of water for a couple minutes. However, avoid submerging the succulents in water.

I hope this post will help you to make DIY Burlap Pouch for your plants and home decoration. Please leave your thought about this idea, Thanks!

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