Neon Pothos House Plant

Neon Pothos House Plant – 5 Diseases and Easy Cures

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Neon Pothos House Plant

Neon Pothos has bright neon-green foliage, making it one of the most beautiful houseplants. And since it is adaptable to different watering and lighting environments, it is super easy to care for.

 This plant is also one of the most popular plants for air purification and can be a big help in increasing your indoor air quality while you’re at work. The plant is characterized by its trailing vines and heart-shaped leaves. Neon pothos plants are an excellent choice for beginners because they are tolerant of low light, high humidity, and lack of water.

The plant prefers bright indirect light or filtered sunlight, but it will also tolerate low-light conditions such as a north window. It does best when it’s watered regularly, but will tolerate periods of drought if necessary. But while it is disease-resistant, it is still susceptible to many issues.

The Neon Pothos is relatively easy, and this article will enlighten you with some of the common diseases this most popular variety of Pothos you might have to deal with. And some easy cures suggested by plant experts that I’ve tried and tested.

Neon Pothos – Diseases and Cures

1. Root rot

Root rot is a fairly common disease in Neon Pothos and is so damaging that it can even kill your plant. If you think your plant has root rot, remove them from the current pot and rinse the roots using water. Then, cut away the rotten roots gently using gardening shears. Finally, repot the plant in the new soil.

2. Yellow leaves

If your leaves start to turn yellow, then it might be a sign they’ve started browning. But most commonly, leaves of Neon Pothos turn yellow because of under-watering. And while it is resistant to under-watering, it will need adequate water at some point.

One way to prevent yellow leaves is by fertilizing your plant but make sure you only do so once a month. Aggressive fertilization might damage your Neon Pothos.

3. Brown tips

Healthy Neon Pothos plants have bright chartreuse leaves, but their tips can turn brown for a number of reasons. One of the primary reasons for this is heat or excessive direct sunlight that dries out the plant, which in turn causes the leaves to die and go brown. Heat also scorches the leaves and causes clearly visible signs of burning.

Dealing with brown Neon Pothos care leaves is simple. Just prune the dead leaves and keep the plant away from light. It’s better to keep them under bright filtered light near the window.

Brown leaves can also be due to diseases or pests. While mealybugs are uncommon, they can be fatal to Neon Pothos. To make sure your plant doesn’t have any disease, look out for white fuzzy creatures on the undersides of the leaf. If you notice these creatures, simply wipe them off using rubbing alcohol. You should also spray neem oil on the plant to prevent pests.

Insufficient drainage or overwatering your plant can also cause mildew and mold to grow on the roots, which causes the leaves to turn brown. To avoid this from happening, make sure to let the soil dry between watering.

4. Whiteflies

Whiteflies are gnat-like animals that feed on plant sap and are pretty common pests for Neon Pothos. They give eggs on the tips of leaves. Once the larvae hatch, they start to munch on the leaves’ underside.

Dealing with whiteflies is simple; you just need to use a good pesticide.

5. Phytophthora

Phytophthora is a bacterium that can cause leaf discoloration and even plant death. If your plant is infected by this bacterium, you just need to apply 3% of household hydrogen peroxide to get rid of it. Mix hydrogen peroxide with water (1:3) and let the soil soak it completely before regularly watering the plant.

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