How to Make Extra Cash Before a Big Move

Make Extra Cash Before Big Move

Everyone who has ever put a deposit on a house packed up their belongings and hired a moving van knows how expensive it is to move home. It can leave you out of pocket, even if you budgeted well. Moving is stressful for a reason, and one of the biggest reasons is the financial strain. 

To lessen the load, you can find ways to earn extra cash until you are back on your feet. It could help you make the new place a little cozier, or it might cover the moving van. Whatever you need the money for when moving, here are some ways to earn it. 

Sell Your Old Car 

Do you have an old car that could bring in a nice cash injection? If so, consider selling it before the actual move. Not only does it mean you earn more cash, but you also won’t have to transport it to the new property 

If you want to sell your Porsche for a good price, don’t do it alone. It might end up taking too long, and you could end up undercharging for what it’s actually worth. Using car experts to help you sell is the way to ensure a smooth transaction.  

Monetize Your Hobby 

You might already do something that could bring in cash. If you sew, knit, draw, write, or something similar, why not monetize that hobby? Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds (you might need a few lessons in marketing), but the fact is that it can be done. If you’re motivated to make extra cash before you move, you certainly can if you’re good enough at a hobby. 

You never know – you might find more success than you anticipated and decide to carry on your side hustle after the move! It will help with renovations. 

Cancel Your Subscriptions

These days, many people have more subscriptions than they know what to do with. Do you really need subscriptions to every streaming service? Could you perhaps miss out on premium access to apps for a couple of months? If you can let them go, you will save cash, which will help you with your house move. 

Declutter and Sell Online 

Decluttering your home and deciding what you want to keep and get rid of is a part of the moving process, so why not incorporate a second stage that gets you more money? Selling your old clothes, video games, and electronics online will certainly help toward paying off your new home. There are plenty of sites to do it, too, such as eBay, Etsy, and Amazon.

Ask for a Pay Rise 

Are you due a pay rise? Sometimes, it takes asking for something to get it, and that includes receiving the salary you deserve. If you can back up why you deserve one, and it has been a while, go ahead and ask. You might receive more than you expect! 

Moving is tough. Make it easier by earning extra cash to help you with the ever-growing costs.

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