Types of Fencing for Home

7 Different Types of Fencing for Home and Garden

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Types of Fencing for Home

Fencing is an important part of a home and garden. It is the boundary of a home that covers the homeowner’s area. Fencing is a good barrier so that unwanted people and things do not enter the home. Fencing builds a sound barrier, eliminates unsightly views, provides home security, protects the landscaping, and protects kids and pets at play.

Homeowners can create a fence according to the home design, budget, and material. Different types of fencing styles are available that you can pick to make your home a more peaceful, comfortable, and safe space.

7 Different Types of Fences for House and Garden

1. Concrete Brick Fencing

Concrete or clay blocks are very durable and solid retaining walls that offer more security, safety, and sound buffers against outside noises. A concrete brick fence is easy to install and less expensive to maintain. You can customize it according to your house design and needs. Concrete fences are widely used due to their cost-effectiveness in the long run.

2. Wooden Fencing

You will also see wooden fences where wood is available at a very low price. In some countries, wooden fences are more popular and installed due to their affordability and durability. maintaining wooden fences is easy, a variety of design options are available, it is environment friendly, and increases the property value. Wooden fences are also secure, durable, and affordable walls or fences around your property. Bamboo, cedar, pinewood, oak, teak, cypress wood, redwood, lattice, picket, and rail are some best wood fence types and wood fencing styles.

3. Stone Fencing

Stone fences are the best for mountain homes, landscapes, and pathway areas. The stone fence is durable, stable, easy to maintain, best for the long run, cost-effective, and made from basic building materials which are easily available in our nature.

4. Metal Fencing

If you have a large area to cover, iron fences may be the best choice as it is stronger, less expensive, durable, easy to install, low maintenance, aesthetically appealing, secure, and many options available such as wrought iron, aluminum, galvanized steel, barbed wire, mesh fence, and chain link. You can also use concrete plus metal fencing combinations or aluminium fencing & gates matching. 

5. Glass Fencing

If you want to give your home a luxury look, no other fencing can do it. Glass fencing or railing is installed in the home, garden, balcony, and pools. It is a great solution for modern homes. It can be installed as frameless or semi-frameless. Glass fencing enhance the house’s appeal either in front or backyard, provide a clean uninhibited view, increase the property value, is easy to maintain, and is durable if someone doesn’t hit it hard, custom designs, and rust-resistant.

6. Vinyl and Composite

Vinyl and composite fences are also an option that many homeowners use. These fences are made from vinyl and composite materials such as plastic and wood mixture. Both provide complete fencing benefits as they are strong fence panels, splinter proof, no rot no rust, durable, attractive colors, natural-looking finish, low maintenance cost, easy to clean, and easy installation. Vinyl and composite are much cheaper than any other fencing material.

Choose home fencing carefully according to your surrounding, budget, and house design. Fencing is not just a boundary, it is also a matter of home security and privacy.

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