How to Optimise Your Small Apartment For Work

Optimise Small Apartment For Work

The quarantine has made us realise a lot of things. Our entire society can come to a screeching halt with just one virus. Entire governments could crumble almost overnight. Despite the giant leaps we’ve made in the field of science and medicine, there is still so much more to learn. That human life is quite fragile, and we need to take care of our health now more than ever.

Aside from these huge life realisations, the quarantine also made apparent smaller things in our life such as the difficulty of working from home, how messy our living space is, and how hard it is to be cooped up indoors for a long time.

The SARS-CoV-2 has forced almost all non-essential establishments to close and stop operations. These included schools and most offices, giving rise to the concept of work from home setup.

The entire concept may sound appealing, at first. After all, no one misses the traffic and the commute to work. I just have to wake up, open my laptop, and I’m already “at the office.” No more having to rush through breakfast just to catch the school bus or trying to reach the office by 8:45 AM so you can get a good parking spot.

However, not everyone is living in a house or apartment whose environment is conducive for work or studying. The UK housing crisis has spread, and it’s not only in London anymore. Other major cities such as Manchester, Glasgow, Hastings, and Leeds are reporting not having enough space for their residents.

Over 8.4 million residents in England are living in houses that are either unaffordable, unsafe, or not enough for their needs. As rental fees soar upward, many are left with no choice but to downsize or live in smaller homes. This living situation affects productivity and has a high chance of negatively affecting their mental state.

Employees and students alike are already struggling with their workload. It would just be torture adding the lack of space and presence of clutter as an extra stressor. Here we discuss some ways on how to optimize your small apartment to make it conducive for work.

Dedicate A Work Space

It would be easier to get into the rhythm of working when you have a dedicated workspace that you’re accustomed to working in. It doesn’t have to be as huge as an office or a study. It can be a simple desk and chair. Condition yourself that whenever you’re in that area, you should be productive and focused.

A common concern raised with the work-from-home setup is the challenge of getting into work mode when they’re in a place that they associate with comfort and relaxation. By delegating one corner as your workspace, you can condition yourself to focus and be productive. Treat this space as you would treat your desk at the office.

Declutter Rent A Storage Unit

For many residents in the UK, they never realised just how many items they had until they were stuck with them. Living in a small apartment for a prolonged amount of time could be quite constricting. Over time, the feeling of being cramped becomes a major issue.

If you want to optimise your apartment for work, it’s time for you to declutter! Decluttering is the process of getting rid of all the items that are unnecessary to your daily life. Do yourself a favour and throw all of your junk. Your room will definitely be able to breathe once you unload all of your clutter. Additionally, you’ll be left with more space to work with.

Rent A Storage Unit

Of course, there are also items that we don’t need on a daily basis but has value. This, you can send off to storage. If you have boxes of clothes, excess furniture, power tools, and other “non-essentials”, it would be best to rent a storage unit.

Storage units are a cost-effective solution to the housing crisis. Often, families have to rent an extra room just for storage space. This could drive up the rent by hundreds of pounds. With a self-storage unit, you can quickly move to a house that’s just right for your family.

Additionally, a clean and clutter-free space makes for a much better working environment, so it’s definitely worth investing in a storage unit.

Proper Lighting

Studies have found that proper lighting is suitable for a person’s health. Moreover, it leads to a positive attitude and increases productivity. Most of us will be staring into a computer screen for over 8 hours each day. Low lighting causes additional strain on the eyes leading to headaches and migraines. If your apartment is poorly lit, replace your lightbulbs. You can also buy a lamp for your desk. Read 5 Points To Check for Healthy Light In Your Home Workspace here.

Install A Murphy Bed

Are you living in a studio apartment that you can barely fit in? Why not have a murphy bed installed? Murphy beds are beds that are hinged at one end. When not in use, it can be stored vertically against the wall, opening up a lot of space.

If you want to create space in a tiny apartment, murphy beds are the way to go. You can have a desk installed under the bed so when it’s stored up, you get yourself a table. This way, you get a bed and a desk all in one piece of furniture. Now isn’t that efficient?

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