Optimize Affiliate Website for Conversions

How to Optimize Your Affiliate Website for Conversions

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Optimize Affiliate Website for Conversions

As an affiliate marketer, you make money selling products to promote on your website. How much you can make is determined by the number of people who visit your website and how well you can convert them. In some cases, you can do everything right but still, feel your conversion rate is still not as high as you wish it to be. There are some small changes you can make to your website to optimize it for better conversions. Here are some of the more impactful ones.

Choose The Right Hero Image

Traditionally, the hero image has been used on the homepage as the first introduction people have to the website. However, you can use hero images elsewhere on your website, and you will sometimes see them called featured images. High-quality photos can make people stick a bit longer. Ensure that the image has enough breathing space so you have a clean start to your pages.

Optimize your Calls to Action

Your calls to action are a huge determinant of whether people will click on them (convert). Even when you have great content on your website, people are less likely to convert if they cannot find your call to action, if it looks out of place, or is not convincing enough.

Testing will be crucial to helping you find a combination of visuals, placement, and wording that works. Before you start testing, though, there are a few things you could try. You should use red buttons, wording that reflects the content and actions you want people to take, and make the buttons bigger. You should also consider using images to direct people to your call to action.

Improve Your Content Structure

People have become so impatient that they will leave your website quickly if they can’t find the information they are looking for in about 15 to 30 seconds. How you structure your content will determine how long people stick around, which will determine if you get the chance to convince them to convert.

Two of the more impactful structural elements are headers and bullet points. Every page on your affiliate website should have frequent headers that help break up the content, bullet points that summarize the most important points, video, and image embeds, as well as quotes. It may seem like a lot to think about when creating content, but these structural elements do make a difference in keeping visitors’ attention.

These structural elements also allow you to create long-form content that search engines like. This is because you can be thorough in each section that is under a single heading. Remember that long-form content is not only great for your visitors and search engines, but it is also an essential consideration when determining how much a site is worth should you ever wish to sell it.

Technical Improvements

There are a few optimizations that fall under technical improvements, and we are going to cover two of them here.

The first is site speed. People will leave your website if it does not load in about two to four seconds so you should optimize your affiliate website for speed.

The other is mobile responsiveness. Google uses mobile responsiveness and user experience as ranking factors. This means that an optimized website ranks higher and thus receives more visitors. Once these visitors are on your website you want them to have a great experience. Some things to focus on include ensuring your pop-ups do not obstruct content, ensuring the text is legible, using smaller images so the website loads faster on mobile, and making the website easy to navigate.


You might have the best content on the internet but if you cannot convert visitors, you are unlikely to have success with your affiliate website. Work on optimizing your website alongside your content for the best results.

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