How to Prevent Floor Carpet from Shrinking and Stretching?

Prevent Floor Carpet Shrinking

Carpet is not only used to cover the floor but also to enhance the beauty of a room. You will not want to have a shrunk carpet, and you may even entrust people with the task of cleaning your carpet in order to ensure that it looks its best for as long as possible. Several people understand that some flooring coverings like laminate and, of course, carpet can shrink. It happens due to humidity.

There are some other reasons and prevention that can save the carpet from shrinking.

Causes of carpet shrinkage

All carpets are different. The different materials react differently when it comes to cleaning. For instance, synthetic carpets are more resilient against cleaning. Natural fibres like wool are susceptible. They need extra care to avoid damage and shrinkage.

Common causes of carpet shrinkage are excessive soaking and hot water. So while cleaning your carpet, you must know what materials you are dealing with. It will help you avoid damage to a great extent.

Two kinds of carpets are suspectable to shrinkage. Carpets having a wool face and jute layer are likely to shrink quickly. The carpet can shrink when the jute is wet. However, it leads to the foundation shrinking and damages the entire carpet.

Even polypropylene fibre carpets can shrink. It is because of the jute backing. Polypropylene cannot hold the water. In case of a leak or exposure, the water will slip through the fibres. When waters go down to the jute, it leads to shrinking.

Humidity affects the carpet. Controlling the humidity and temperature can prevent carpet wrinkling. The humidity level in the house must be between 30 and 50%. Ensure the house does not go above 85 degrees Fahrenheit for a long time. The humidity level in the place is high if you see moisture on the windows. Steam cleaning can also increase the temperature and cause the carpets to shrink. Ensure that the carpet is dry. Wet carpeting is subject to wrinkling. Moisture causes delamination that separates the carpet from baking. Improper cleaning is the leading cause of shrinking.

The mechanism for shrinkage

One of the main reasons why carpets shrink is due to unprofessional cleaning. It can be due to inefficient tools or just a lack of expertise and training. Inadequate tools cannot take the water out of the carpet. After washing, some water is left behind. It leads to shrinkages.

Shrinkage can also be due to the cleaning team using a lot of sprays when necessary. Before carpet cleaning, the spray can seep down into the jute if that’s the case. It further causes the carpet to shrink. It also causes the jute to expand swell and create stress. All of these lead to shrinking.

Tips to prevent carpet shrinking

Being careful is one of the best ways to prevent shrinking. At times it is difficult to tell which carpet cleaning company has the best interests at heart. There are several ways to check the best cleaning team. First, check if the experts feature perfect licenses and training. Reliable companies always check beforehand if the carpet is compatible with their methods. They also have tools that can help you with the best carpet cleaning possible.

Ensure the carpet installer uses proper tools when installing the carpet. The professionals must use a pole or a power stretcher. It will stretch the carpet from wall to wall.

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