How to Pursue a Career in Interior Design

Career in Interior Design

If you have a passion for design and a unique and ambitious flair for creativity, then considering a professional interior designer career would suit your talents and skillset.

So, whether you are currently studying in high school and are ambitious and preparing for college, or else you are an adult working in an entirely different industry and want to follow your design dreams instead, then continue reading.

Here is a guide on how to pursue a professional career in interior design.

What Does an Interior Designer Do?

Naturally, the vast majority of people are fully aware that the role of an interior designer involves commercial and private properties and that they are tasked with designing a room, or indeed a home, according to the client’s specifications.

However, there are certainly a plethora of other roles and responsibilities of an interior designer besides the obvious, which include:

  • Supervising the progression of the work
  • The production of mood products and samples
  • Working together with other designers, architects, decorators, and constructors
  • Keeping abreast of industry trends, practices, innovations, and changes
  • Setting the project fees and individual costs according to the assigned budget
  • Translating, interpreting, and discussing the needs of the client regularly
  • Designing a completed blueprint of your proposals and presenting them to the client

Professional Career Route

The path to becoming an interior designer is not exactly a crystal-clear straight line from education to practice, there are many different routes you can take.

The role of an interior designer is much more of a vocation than merely a job to pay the bills, which is why experience is valued more highly than formal education. However, it would still be strongly advisable to successfully acquire a higher national diploma, foundation degree, or bachelor’s degree, either in interior design specifically or else move into the field from a background in fine art, textile, furniture design, or architecture.

How to Learn & Hone Your Craft

To learn everything there is to know about the complicated, creative, and multi-faceted world of interior design, you seriously need to steep yourself in the different techniques, knowledge pools, and physical finished products in every genre of design.

From researching the finest designer sofas by innovative and sustainable designers such as Ligne Roset Bromley, to immersing yourself in home and garden design shows across the country. It is impossible to soak up too much information surrounding interior design.

Finding Your Niche

Finally, once you have the necessary, or at least advisory, qualifications and have set yourself up as either a private interior designer in your own right or else part of a company that hires interior designers for their own contracts, there is one important thing to do which will define your career.

Finding your niche essentially translates into striking the incredibly fine balance between incorporating the needs and desires of the client, the current fashions and design trends of the present moment, and your own individual sense of style and personal vision.

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