How to Buy a Modern Sectional Sofa That Suits Your Home


Sectional sofas are a great item of furniture to enhance the look of your living room. There is an erroneous idea that these sofas are appropriate only for large living rooms. That is not true at all. As they come in sections, you can also move the components around according to your convenience. Here are some tips for buying a modern leather sectional sofa for your home.

1. Size and Measurement

Sectional sofas are available in many sizes, and with proper measurements, you can place them anywhere. They are a great way of using up the corners of your living room. You need to measure every wall and corner where you plan to place the sofa. Start from the corner and measure the length and breadth of the room. Then measure how much of that you want the couch to occupy. When you go shopping, stick to these dimensions.

2. Right or Left Arm

Sectional sofas usually come in three or five-piece units. Depending on which corner of your room you want to place it in, you can go for the right-arm or left-arm sofas. The other side will inevitably go into the corner of the room. These modern leather sectional sofas usually come in an L-shape, so you have to decide which sides will be the L-face base.

If you want a symmetrical design, then you can go for U-shaped sofas where both ends will come out. With the RAF, the arm will be on the right when you stand facing the sofa. With LAF, the arm will be on your left when you stand facing the sofa. Take your pick accordingly.

3. Stationery or Modular

In stationary sofas, the various sections can only be fixed in one way. You can choose this if you have a fixed seating arrangement in mind for your living room. If you want more flexibility, you can opt for modular sectional sofas to arrange in several ways.

Some of them can be used as standalone pieces like stools for a more informal seating arrangement. The modern pieces also have locking systems so that the sections do not slide away while sitting on cleaning. With separate sections, it is also easy to carry your sofa to a new space if you have to move.

4. Material and Cushion

The material depends entirely on your personal choice. However, modern leather sectionals or velvet sofas look very classy and can enhance the décor of any room. Monochromes look modern, and the clean lines are great if you want a minimalist approach.

In terms of cushioning, the fluffed up cushioned-back is very comfortable. They are great for lounging around. However, if you want a more formal approach, with your living room often turning into a conference room when your colleagues come over, then the straight-backed varieties look better.

With modern leather sectional sofas, you can alter the way your living room looks. It can become a statement piece in your living room and add a lot of style and charisma to the décor while being a very functional element.

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