New Look with Glasses

How to Rock Your New Look with Unique Glasses

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New Look with Glasses

Eyesight gets worse. This is not a surprise for anyone, but what may be a shock to people is just how early issues today start up. In the past, wearing glasses was something that happened to those in middle age if they didn’t need glasses from the outset. Worsening eyesight is a natural part of aging, yes, but people are increasingly starting to need glasses at younger and younger ages.

The answer why is simple: we look at screens for many, many hours at a time. Looking at screens is hard on the eyes while simultaneously not giving them the workout that they need. There’s a reason why blue-light filtering glasses exist, even with a prescription. There’s also a reason why it’s recommended that you take breaks from looking at your screen and look at something at a distance for a while to reset your eyes, so to speak.

There are a lot of reasons why, but that doesn’t make it any easier to accept that you suddenly have to deal with a disability you thought you were in the clear for. Thankfully, slightly worsening eyesight is one of the easiest disabilities to manage, so long as you use these tips.

When to Get Your Eyes Checked Out

If you can’t read things at a distance without squinting, especially if others near you don’t seem to have any trouble, then chances are your eyesight has worsened, and it’s time for at least a low-level prescription. The same applies if you get frequent headaches when trying to read anything. If your eyes feel strained after working long hours in front of a screen, you’ll also want to get them checked out, at minimum, for blue-light filters and some eye drops.

How to Rock Your New Look

Everyone who needs glasses needs glasses, even if you don’t want to wear them often. Having glasses nearby is your easy go-to. You can then wear contact lenses all day, every day (but not at night). If putting something in your eye isn’t doable or comfortable for you, you need to invest in some fashionable glasses – and even more than one pair. You can absolutely rock the glasses look so long as you use these tips:

Get Unique Glasses That Suit You

You want glasses that suit your face and your sense of style. If the options in your opticians aren’t inspiring you, it’s time to head to Eyewearhaus for some new specs. Smaller brands offer top-notch customer service and a collection of great frame designs so that you can find something that suits you.  When it comes to finding glasses that suit you, you’ll need to consider your face shape first. This will determine what style, thickness, colors, and, of course, the shape of the glasses will look best. You may like the concept of a certain style, but just not like it on yourself – and that’s okay! Trying on different glasses is a must to determine how you like the look and feel of them.

Get More Than One Pair and Multiple Styles

You change shoes to match your outfit. The same should apply to your glasses. While you can have one go-to set of glasses that match everything, those that really want their style to shine will want to invest in multiple designs. This way, you can add a fun pop of color or wear something simple and understated. Use your glasses like fashion, and you’ll immediately enjoy wearing them that much more.

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