What to Look for When Buying Plus Size Clothes

Buying Plus Size Clothes

Buying clothes can be fun, but it can also be a bit of a pain in the neck. Especially with the rise in fast fashion making it hard to distinguish between buying quality over quantity.

If you are someone who is considered plus size, you may feel it is even harder to buy clothes that are durable and keep you cool, without costing a fortune.

With that in mind, what are some of the best tips on how to buy plus-sized clothes that will last?


It is the bane of almost everyone who has bought cheap clothes. You put them on and within the first day of wear, they rip or become frayed.

When buying any style of clothing, irrespective of the size, you need to ensure that the clothing itself is durable. There is nothing worse than buying a bargain dress, only to have it fall apart when you wear it to the beach. If possible, buy your clothes from stores and if you do buy them online, you need to check the reviews to ensure that you are buying quality items.


Of course, no one wants to spend a fortune on clothing. Unless they work for a fashion magazine, that is!

It is unfortunate that many women who have shopped in regular stores have found that in some instances, plus-sized clothes are priced higher than regular ones. This is not only not fair, but it can put you off from purchasing that top that you have had your eye on!

So, when looking for plus-sized clothes, aim to look for websites or stores that do not charge more for larger sizes. That way, you will leave your shopping trip feeling more confident and happier with the whole experience.


It is important when choosing clothes to look at the designs.

Some clothes are more suited to certain shapes than others, and many women who are plus-sized can find it tough to dress for their shape. So, if you are buying dresses, aim to purchase ones that are wrapped around if possible, or are tighter at the top than the bottom. This will allow you to feel comfortable and will showcase your figure in a more proportioned way than wearing something that hugs it all the way down.


Choosing clothes that are made from the right fabric can be tough.

Many cheaper options are made from fabric and materials that are not hardy and are easily torn. Even worse, they can cause you to sweat and feel uncomfortable. So, aim to buy clothes that are made from cotton, linen, or bamboo. These are natural, can come in any color, and are breathable and durable.

If you need help finding plus-sized branded clothes online that are made from these materials.


It is well-known that many different shops have different ideas about what is considered a size 16 or a size 18.

So, when you are looking to buy plus-sized clothes, whether online or from a store, you need to check the sizing. If buying online, make sure to check the sizing guide and of course, measure it to your body. If you are buying in-store, make sure you try on the clothes before you buy them. If possible, aim to try on each piece of clothing too, as even some stores have difficulties with matching a size 14 bottom to a size 14 top.

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