How to Throw a Festival Themed Party at Home Backyard or Park

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Festival-Themed-PartyFestival-themed parties bring the fun of a large festival to a backyard or park near you. Don’t worry about tickets and parking. Impress your friends and family with an inventive festival-themed party. Here are some theme ideas. Here are some ideas.

Eighties Night

There are so many ideas that you can use for your event. The eighties night could involve “Stanger Things” decor. You can also take music and incorporate the eighties vibe. Make sure and include those little things that are from the eighties. You can add hues of salmon pink and baby blue.

Bright colors and geo shapes all depict the eighties. Several party-theme stores have supplies. Did you know that you can buy party supplies in bulk to save money? If your party list is large, then save money on the supplies and buy in bulk.

Hippie Carnival

This festival-themed party idea is perfect for summer events. Think flowers and peace signs everywhere. Given the recent popularity of Coachella, this one should be a real hit. Sunflowers and 70’s music goes well with rock music in the background.

Some folk music is also a must. Look through old magazines for food ideas. The serving ware should be wood plates and bowls. Think about what eco-essential people use, and you’ll have the correct look for the food. Everything should be organic.

Autumn Harvest

This is a fun festival-themed party idea. Have it in the autumn. Decorate with multi-colored autumn leaves and apple-themed decor. Set up stations to make apple butter. Create a station for apple peeling competitions. See how fast the contestants can peel the most apples.

Then use the apples in other games and cooking stations. Better yet, invite guests to a competition for the best creative idea for apple recipes. Have the guests bring the food and save the stress. Create a judge station based on names pulled out of a hat.

Great Gatsby

This one will take some roaring 20’s decor. Think of a black and white party. Tell all invitees that it is a formal event. Tell them to dress up like the roaring ’20s. Have bachelor auctions to raise money and other stations that reflect the times. Dance contests should be a part of this type of festival. Also, consider a black and white recipe contest. Have guests create something to eat that is black and white. Award the best one.

All these themes are fun. The details are fun to create. Consider what would make the theme match the stations for the festival. For example, a karaoke station should have the music from that era. At NYC party rentals, your festival themed party can come together. The various supplies that you need for the perfect festival-themed party will make it all blend into a party to remember.


This is the part that so many people overlook. You can’t forget the invitations. Theme them to match the event. Your party can include a guest list with bouncers for some theme ideas. Dress them up to match the concept as well. Take whatever party invitation that you buy or print out. Add little things that make them special.

For the Great Gatsby Festival, the themed party invitation should have glitter on it. Take a glue stick and mark the sections where you want to glitter it up. Then shake the glitter over the invitations. Shake off the excesses and allow them to dry. Gold and silver or the black and white decor work well.

Send friendship bracelets that you make with the guest’s names. Use them for party check-in on the hippie-themed festival party. Use stamps on the hands of guests. You can make your own personal stamp online for any event. This comes in really handy for age verification at an eighties party. It’s a thing of the times back then.

You can throw a festival-themed party so easily. There are so many concepts that you can use for your festival-themed party. Gather the themed supplies and add your own flair and creativity. You will have a fun event that everyone will talk about for years to come. All it takes is some ingenuity and stores to buy the supplies. Gather your friends and start decorating. You have a festival to create.

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