How To Use A Hot Air Brush To Get The Desired Hairstyle

How Use Hot Air Brush

A good-looking hair will definitely make a girl stand out in the crowd. One way to achieve that beauty is with the use of hot air brushes, so knowing how to use a hot air brush would be beneficial to get the hair you want.

Hot air brush is a convenient tool to curl or straighten your hair relatively quickly. Just glide the brush along your hairline like you would with normal hair, and you’ll end up with the desired hairstyle.

With that being said, let’s take a look at how you can transform your hair using a hot air brush below.

How to use a hot air brush


The preparation step is very important when using a hot air brush because we are dealing with a device that can produce heat. Any accident could potentially damage your hair or worse, your head.

But once this step is done properly, you should be able to enjoy shaping your hair with the hot air brush.

Here’s what to do before using a hot air brush

Wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner.

Use shampoo to thoroughly wash your hair at all spots. Remember to pick the right type of shampoo for your hair, as the wrong type could harm your hair in the long term.

Next, always use a conditioner. They are important for those with damaged or chemically treated hair. While washing your hair, you can imagine the hairstyle that you want to achieve from the hair air brush.

Finally, leave the shampoo and conditioner on your hair for some time, or at least 10 seconds, if you are in a hurry.

Dry your hair

If you are using a towel, just squeeze the water out of your hair, don’t rub. If you want to be quick, use a hairdryer. Your hair should not be completely dry when done but mildly wet.

This is because dry hair is harder to shape than slightly wet hair. The fact is apparent when combing the hair and stays true when being used with a hot air brush to straighten hair or to curl hair.

Apply a heat protecting spray to the hair

Direct contact with the hot air brush can potentially damage your hair to a certain extent. So, apply a heat protecting spray before using the styling hot brush.

Detangle the hair

You can do this by combing or brushing the hair. Smooth hair makes sit easy for the hot air brush to glide through easily.

Section the hair

Section the hair into at least 3 parts and secure them with hair clips for an even looking after using the hot brush. This also prevents small pieces of your hair from getting stuck into the tool.

Using the Hot Air Brush

Now that you have prepared your hair carefully, let’s jump straight into how to use the hot air brush to style your hair

Turn it on and give it a few seconds to warm up.

Turn on the hot air brush and choose the suitable heat for your hair and wait for it to heat up. This may take a few seconds or longer, depending on the tool itself.

Wrap the hair from the lowermost section of your hair partially over the brush and gently brush downwards

Take 2 inches of hair and wrap it part way around the brush, then brush downward slowly and gently. Don’t take too much hair at a time as it won’t be efficient. Then repeat until you’re done with the bottom section of your hair.

Quick air brush tips:

If you want more volume when brushing, try to lift the hair from the root.

The best hot air brush for volume is one with a round body and a decent-size barrel.

Slightly pull the hair taut as you work downwards

Try to pull the hair taut slightly while gliding the brush to press it against the hair, and effectively make the whole process more efficient.

Drying the Top Section

We are ready to get to the real styling step. The result will be the appearance of your hair that everyone can see.

Take a small section of the hair and wrap it partway around the brush again, but this time from the root. When lifting the hair up, pull it upward to bind the hair against the brush. Now repeat for the rest of the hair.

The above step is only the basic. If you want straight hair or bouncy, curly hair, you can do the above technique and change things up a bit during styling.

In this hot air brush tutorial, we’ll show you what you can do to get some of your desired hairstyles.

How to use a hot air brush to straighten hair

Firstly, you will need a paddle-shaped hot air brush to achieve the best result, although a round brush works fine.

Prepare your hair and the hot air brush like mentioned above. When all are set, wrap your hair around the body of the brush. Then lift the hair, cascade the brush down the lengths of your hair, and pull it upward.

A flick at the ends of the hair would add a nice touch to your hairstyle, so curl up the brush when you get to the bottom of the hair if you want to.

How to use a hot brush to curl hair

Now a round-shaped hot air brush is what you’ll need to get the best result.

Again, prepare your hair and hot air brush carefully beforehand. Once you’re ready, take 1 inch of your hair that has been combed and place it over the brush as close to the roots as possible.

Next, pull the brush away with a firm pressure downward and go through the hair. Once you have reached the ends, roll back the brush until it reaches the scalp, then hold the brush for 10 seconds at this position.

Finally, release the curl by pulling the brush outwards. You will need to apply some hair spray to the curls to keep them in place.

How to use a hot air brush on short hair

The steps are largely the same as those for long hair. But you do need to be careful when pulling the hair up and place the brush near the root, or you may risk burning yourself.

Finishing process

After using the hot air brush, let your hair dry completely. You can also blast some cool air into your hair for extra hold. And then, finish with some serum or apply some hair spray to make the curl last longer.

Don’t forget to unplug the hot air brush because, again, we are dealing with a device that can produce heat. An unattended plugged-in brush can easily burn stuff.


If you follow all the steps in this tutorial carefully, you should be able to style your hair with the desired hairstyle. In summary, prepare the hair, wrap and pull the hair using the brush, and finish off with hair spray or serum.

We hope you find this article useful, and thanks for reading it.

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