Want to Choose the Best Carpet? Here are the Top 9 Expert Carpet Buying Tips

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A carpet is a highly versatile home addition that can be used as floor coverings in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, and stairs. Carpets come with tons of benefits and features, including durability, comfort, insulation, and resilience. Considering this, you need to seriously think about which carpet is the right one for you.

Here are some handy tips for you.

1. Choose the carpet material to suit your needs

The greater proportion of the carpets offered in the current market are made from natural wool and/or man-made fibers. Let’s look into the properties and benefits of each of these materials.

Wool carpets – These are soft to the touch, excellent to walk on, and long-lasting. The insulating properties of wool will help keep your home warm. A wool carpet like the Gaia Wool carpet is all you need to experience luxurious living.

Wool blend carpets – If natural wool is combined with natural fibers, the intrinsic properties of both materials reinforce each other producing carpets with excellent properties. The wool to natural fibers ratio varies from piece to piece but is always reflected in the price.

Man-made carpets – These are made entirely from artificial fibers. They are highly attractive and durable. Man-made carpets are perfect in households with young children or pets since they are low-maintenance. These carpets are superbly sturdy and can cope up with spills, dirt, and general foot traffic.

2. Work with the leaders in the industry

By choosing reliable, experienced, and trusted carpet experts like Silvertrading Timber Flooring, you will be assured of a smooth buying experience. Silvertrading Timber flooring will provide you with a wide variety of carpets in terms of brand, style, and price to perfectly satisfy your needs. The standard of services and quality of carpets offered by this retailer are matched with each other. Godfrey Hirst Eco+ carpet is one of the high-quality carpet ranges offered there.

3. Consider health issues

If someone in your household has health issues such as allergic conditions, you need to pick carpets they are comfortable with. For example, if anyone in your family is allergic to wool, you need to narrow down your options to man-made carpets.

4. Choose the colors wisely

The color of the carpet you choose can make a huge difference in your home. Start by understanding your preference, lifestyle, your home size requirements, and other factors such as pets and small children in your home. If you, for example, have small floor space, then you should consider picking lighter colors. Similarly, dark colors can make a large space feel cozy. If your carpet receives a lot of foot traffic, then you should choose a color that will withstand frequent vigorous cleaning.

5. Ask for advice form carpet experts

If you are new to the world of carpets and flooring, then it would be wise to consult local carpet experts frequently. With a reliable carpet expert, you will not only get guidance on which carpet to choose but also on how to measure and lay it.

6. Leverage measuring services

To ensure that you don’t waste money purchasing a carpet that won’t fit your floor space, you need to get the total area measured to know what you require. Many carpet retailers can visit your home for a free in-home measuring service to determine the exact size of the carpet you need.

7. Look for convenience

In this day and age, things in your life cannot stop just because you are buying a carpet. You deserve a smooth selection and purchasing service. Head over to the carpet websites where you can browse the carpet range before even visiting the showroom.

8. Pick and install a quality underlay

Along with searching for a quality carpet, you should also be looking for equally performing underlay. If you want the carpet you buy to last longer, you should purchase and correctly install a quality underlay.

9. Complement your carpets with other floor covering

You cannot install carpets in all areas of your home. So as you purchase the carpets, check other floor coverings to complement them. You can also go for wooden or vinyl floorings for high foot traffic areas such as the kitchen or bathrooms.

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