10 Important Life Lessons to Learn from COVID-19 Pandemic

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The whole world is facing a global pandemic, called Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). It was started in China and now has spread in all the countries. The COVID-19 virus is mainly transmitted through droplets produced when an infected person sneezes coughs or exhales. A healthy person can be got infected by close contact or touching a contaminated surface and then your mouth, eyes, or nose. This virus transmits very quickly that’s why all countries govt suggest staying at home and keep a minimum of 2metre distance from each other.

So now most people are keeping social distancing and feeling scary because million of people has get infected and dead from Covid-19 disease. People can’t meet each other, the economy has slow down, school, college, business are close, can’t go out and eat in restaurants. Life has totally changed. Nothing like before, but still, there are many positive things that we had forgot or neglected in the past.

Important Things or Lessons to Learn from COVID-19 Pandemic

There are somethings that coronavirus pandemic teaches us that we know but never care for these.

God is Supreme

First of all, God is the king of this world. God made this world. We take birth and dies in divine order. God is supreme and above all things. But we had forgotten to God. The human was thinking they are doing all the things and have control over this world. But God wake up us from the illusion of life. There is someone who has full control of this universe. God can create and destroy this world in a few seconds. As we are watching now. We have great scientists and thousands of medicine but nothing doing work. So always remember God, following your religious spirit, and do good work in life.

Take Care and Respect the Nature

Nature has been showing its angry in various ways in the last few decades because human is affecting the environment in the name of development. Covid-19 pandemic is a reaction of the action. We had polluted air, water, and soil very badly. We are cutting the forests, throwing chemical or pollute water in rivers, the omission of air pollution and many more anti-nature activities human is doing. Coronavirus pandemic is giving time to refresh nature itself.

Health System

COVID-19 pandemic also teaches us; first priority should be our health and health infrastructure. Coronavirus exposed many countries had poor health systems and a lack of medicinal equipment. We need to make our health facilities and services more advanced and alert so we can respond quickly if we see any deadly virus in the future.

Nobody Is Yours

If someone coronavirus test got positive, the community and family start making the distance from him/her. The hospital ambulance takes him/her from home and no family or relative can stay with you in the hospital. You have to suffer in this time alone. Even if someone dies families members can’t burn or bury the dead body or you have to wear a PPE kit. It also comes to see families member are refusing to burn or bury their parents. Misbehavior is doing with dead bodies. Doctor harassed by the housing society and not letting them enter. Corona pandemic shows our real faces.

Be a Vegetarian

Our nature gives us a lot of eatable food such as vegetables, grain, fruits, milk, and many more vegetarians foods which are healthy for us but we don’t eat them. We are killing animals and eating them for the taste. We have forgotten or we do not have a mind for what should we eat or not. As a result, we are consuming dogs, pangolins, insects, snake, frog, birds, bats meat, and various types of animal meat that should not eat. Novel coronavirus, Influenza pandemics, Bubonic plague, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, all these major diseases passed from animals to humans. I will request you all to become a vegetarian to save animals and human lives.

Money has no value

Corona crisis teaches us money has very less value. Today we have money, material, and infrastructure but nothing is working. World riches people are under fear. Even money could not save us from this disease. We do not need a big house, luxury cars, and high bank balance to survive in life. These are all show-off items. We do not need many things to live a good life.

God and Nature Treat Us Equally

It does not matter you are rich or poor, a famous celebrity or common person, politician or a voter, an atheist or theist, everybody can get infected from coronavirus disease. We are all equally made in God’s and nature’s image and treated in the same way. If someone does something wrong we all have to face its results. So do good things in life and let others too.

Transparency and Quick Response

WHO also need to give their attention to transparency and quick response during public health emergencies so the disease can not spread from one place to another. WHO and the Chinese govt. hide the information and didn’t stop people’s activities earlier that’s why coronavirus gets the chance to bring out from the Wuhan city and spread all over the world. The health agency and governments need to work honestly in the condition of health emergencies.

Stay Home Stay Safe

WHO recommends people stay at home to save themselves and others. It is a simple precaution against coronavirus to reduce transmission and exposure. So home is the safest place in the world right now and family and love is the most important thing in the world. Covid-19 pandemic brought our family members together and let us spend time with family.

So these are few important life lessons to learn from the COVID-19 pandemic for all of us. You can share your thought or if you also learn anything extra from this coronavirus pandemic.

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