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5 Important Things to Consider When Buying a Lawn Edger

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Things-Consider-Buying-Lawn edgerA lawn edger is a handheld tool that is used to create a boundary between your lawn and the surrounding areas. For example, a lawn edger can be used around your mailbox, paved area, driveway, or sidewalk.

An edger is a great way to create a more professional looking grass area and improve your curb appeal for your home.

Type of lawn edger

There are several different types of grass edgers available and what you choose will depend on your lawn size and how you intend to use the tool.

The four main types of lawn edgers include gas-powered edgers, manual edgers, electric edgers, and battery-powered edgers.

Gas-powered edgers are the most powerful option available which means they’re the most expensive. However, these powerful tools are long-lasting and durable and should be seen as an investment.

Manual edgers are the cheapest option and best suit smaller areas because they rely on your physical effort. They are available in four types – spade, half-moon, rotary, and hand shears.

Electric edgers that use a cord are lighter than the gas-powered models and are much quieter. They use a constant power source and don’t need to be charged or filled with gasoline.

Battery-powered edgers are the most recent addition to the market and are a great option as you won’t be tied to a power cable or need to purchase additional gasoline.

Size of the lawn

The size of your lawn will greatly influence the type of lawn edger you choose. The larger your lawn the more powerful your grass edger should be. Smaller yards won’t require a very powerful option and may benefit from a manual or electric lawn edger, whereas homeowners with a large yard and grass area should go for a gas-powered lawn edger.

Setting a budget for your lawn edger

Your budget is a very important deciding factor when it comes to choosing the type of edger you purchase. The cost of a lawn edger depends on the features it has and the efficiency it offers. Don’t be blinded by the sleek design and shiny colors and, instead check out what it can do.

With a tight budget, we recommend choosing a manual edger or a battery-powered model. If the budget doesn’t play a role in your decision, a gas-powered model is what you should be looking for.

Safety and ease-of-use features

Safety is an important factor to take into consideration when choosing a lawn edger. Newer models of lawn edgers have more safety features and are easier to operate. Look at what ease-of-use features would benefit you and your lawn the most, and which safety features you think you need the most. A manual edger is the easiest to use as it requires no power source or messing around with.

Multi-function edgers

Some lawn edgers have the ability to function as a mower, trimmer, or trencher. They can be easily adjusted to each setting so you can get the job done efficiently and at a low cost. So, if you’re looking to achieve more than just edging the lawn, going for an all-in-one tool might be something to consider.

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